Posted by: rubeen14 | 17/05/2010

Playground 23

Mike was petrified. His grandfather, that was allegedly a vampire, was looking at him with his usual penetrating look. He stood there, looking at Mike, as if he was identifying the smell that came from the tool that Mike was going to use to finish with his life: the garlic. Mike noticed this and he returned to his bedroom running, knowing that his grandfather knew his plans to kill him. Mike thought that he could kill him with other methods. He was going to go to the library and make a thourough research about the vampires: their habits, the ways of killing them, the characteristics of their victims and whether they could kill the members of their own family (Mike was interested in this because he was afraid of his sinister grandfather’s intentions).

He was eager to know more about vampires, so he decided to go across a little street that in another time was the most important street of the city. But as time went by, the stores started to close down and the street sank into oblivion. Mike didn’t use to go across that street, so he stopped walking when he saw an old and ramshackle store that was almost imperceptible if you didn’t pay attention. He wanted to come into the store, but he had to go to the library too. Even so, he thought: the library can wait. So he came into the store. When he pushed the door open, he heard a long creak. At first sight, Mike observed that there was a lot of spiderwebs, so the store couldn’t have a lot of activity. There wasn’t anybody behind the worn counter, so Mike started to look at one of the innumerable shelves that were there. He found an old and long book about vampires. All that Mike needed to know was in the book. Suddenly, as he was having a look at the marvellous book and lifted up the look from the book, he saw his grandfather there, behind the counter looking at Mike with his usual look.

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