Posted by: Andrés Armesto Cortiña | 03/05/2010

Dwarf-in-the-wood’s Beard 3

So he went near the lake, sang the song and shouted out: “Could the lake’s witch receive me so that I can talk to her about a serious problem?” And a strange scaring face answered: “Who asks?”.

– I’m Dwarf- in-the-wood and I want to make you a serious proposal.

– What’s it about?

– I would like you to give some antidote to the girl who’s wondering around the lake so that she can get in and dive and get my marble back to me.

-OK, and what will I get from you? – the witch asked.

-Whatever you want, I just wanna save my marble from the bottom of the lake.

So the witch said some strange words and a boat started to appear from the middle of the river, surrounded by a strange green fog. I got into the boat and waited while it went on its own to a small island in the lake. When I got there, I got off the boat and stared at the strange view around me. There were some big stones in a small beach and a weird crystal path which led to a castle. There, the witch received me after singing the song once more. We had some strange spicy tea and then she told me why the girl could not get into the water.

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