Posted by: beaad | 26/04/2010

Not Just A Question Of Money 15

While I was leaving, Kelly burst into tears.

-Well, yes, I’m not ill. Your parents only said that to you because you want to break with me. They wanted you to feel sorry for me and carry on. I was so stupid.

I was so angry. How could my parents do this to me? An illness is too serious to joke about it.

Next day, I went to school and I looked at the exchange lists. I was selected!! I didn’t feel like going to Spain. Then I saw the people who were coming there on the exchange. I couldn’t believe it and I shouted:

– Elba? It isn’t possible.

Then I asked Jose and he confirmed me that it was true: Elba would go there and Kelly would be there too. What could I do? I wouldn’t tell my parents.

I was really confused. I didn’t know what to do with Kelly. I didn’t know whether to break up with her or not. I loved her but not like a girlfriend. She was a beautiful girl and she was very intelligent but she was moody sometimes and she treated me very badly. She was very cold. She didn’t appreciate our frienship. She had forgotten when we played in the garden together before school… She had forgotten everything…

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