Posted by: valeriojorge | 21/04/2010

Not Just A Question Of Money 14

“That disease”, I said.
I pretended to be stupid, because I knew she had a disease, but I didn’t know what disease she had. And he told me she had a great depression. Confused, I asked my father why she had that depression. He replied that she was visiting the best psychologists in the world, but all told them the same: she had a depression but the girl didn’t help to solve the problem. I listened to what my father told me. I had no words because I saw her normal at school.
My father told me to try going out with her again and ask her why she didn’t want to help doctors find the problem she had. I said I’d try but could not promise anything. Then I also said that I’d try because they were friends of her parents’ and they wanted me to go on with the relation. Then I said I had to go to sleep because I had to go to school the next day and it was getting late, so I left the room thinking about it.

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