Posted by: nonseiainda | 20/04/2010

Andrew 7

That boy was Zoe’s brother but Andrew didn’t know. When he was sitting in the kitchen to begin supper, the phone rang. Andrew answered. It was Zoe.

– Hello, it’s Zoe. Can I speak to Andrew, please?

– Speaking.

– Why didn’t you come to the café this afternoon?

– I saw you with another guy and I’m very disappointed with you. I don’t want to talk anymore. Bye.

Zoe began to cry and she decided to go to Andrew’s house to explain the problem face to face. It was raining and Zoe’s mum told her:

– Zoe, where are you going? It’s raining and it’s late to go out.

– I had a misunderstanding with Andrew and I want to clarify this problem now.

Zoe began to run out of her house and when she was crossing the road a car knocked her down and she fell on the road. She was unconscious and she had a very serious wound in the head.

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