Posted by: Jairaaa. | 06/04/2010

Not Just A Question Of Money 13

I didn’t want to see Kelly. So, I phoned her. The first time I didn’t get an answer. I waited for five minutes, but again Kelly didn’t answer the phone. I got annoyed, it was not me to blame if she didn’t want to talk to me. Suddenly, my parents arrived and called me, I must go to the living room. Kelly was there. My father said: ‘Well, John you must fix your relationship with Kelly’.  My parents went out, Kelly started to talk: ‘John, I want to apologize to you. Sorry for the things that happened the other day’. I was confused, and I told her: ‘Please, don’t try to fool me, I heard your conversation with my parents, I know all your plans’. Kelly said: ‘What?’

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