Posted by: inescv | 06/04/2010

Not Just A Question Of Money 12

There wasn’t anything on TV. I couldn’t understand anything. Why were my parents talking to Kelly secretly? What was happening? I had lunch alone because my parents phoned me:

– John we have plans for lunch, please excuse us. There’s some rice and chicken in the fridge.

When my parents eat out I usually watch TV, surf the Internet and eat in the living room. I turned on my computer and I saw José was connected at the moment.

-Hello José. How are you?

-I’m fine thanks. What about Kelly? Do you know anything new about Kelly and your parents?

-No, but today when they arrive I’m going to talk to them. I’m tired, I can’t wait any longer.

-I agree with you. Are you watching TV? There’s an interesting football match on Eurosport.

-Yes, I’m watching TV but I prefer House to the football match. I have a DVD with the last season.

-Ok. I’m going to the swimming pool. Bye.


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