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Dwarf-in-the-wood’s beard 2

Half an hour later, they arrived home and Dwarf-in-the-wood started his story.

“When I was a teenager, I was playing marbles with my sister Margaret in the wood. Suddenly, one of the marbles ran a long way out of the circle. It rolled and rolled and rolled and it fell in a small lake. I ran after the marble and got to the lake. I saw the marble fall in the water and tried to catch it, but I couldn’t reach. I looked for help and saw a girl who was wandering around the lake. I approached to her and asked:

– Can you help me get my marble back, please?

– Why should I help you? I don’t know who you are.

-My name’s Dwarf-in-the-wood. I live in a nearby tree. I was playing with my sister and one of our marbles rolled away. It is the most beautiful marble I’ve got and my grandad’s present.

-I’d like to help you but I’ve got a problem. A bad witch who lives in the lake cursed me and I can’t touch the water in this lake.

-What would happen to you if you touched the water?

-I would turn into a frog for ever.

-How could I help you?

-You’ll have to persuade the witch to give you the antidote.

-And how can I find the witch and try to persuade her?

-You must sing this song to her:

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