Posted by: gugliandolo | 23/03/2010

Andrew 6

When he got home, Andrew went into his bedroom. Then Andrew’s mum came in the bedroom and gave him a hug and said he had to go and have something to eat. Andrew stood up and walked to the kitchen. Andrew’s dad asked what had happened at the cinema with Zoe. At that moment, the phone rang, Andrew’s mum answered but it was for Andrew, it was Zoe. They were talking for a long time. Zoe asked if the could meet again at the same café the next day. Andrew agreed. The next day, Andrew went to school to find out that he had just a pass in his English exam, the day could not start worse. He was just waiting for the time to go. Andrew arrived at the café a bit early and he saw Zoe with a boy. Andrew was really surprised. He ran away towards home. Andrew was thinking about what Zoe had done. When he got home Andrew went to the kitchen to talk to his mother about what had happened with Zoe. His mother said: “I think you should keep quiet. Maybe it is just a bad coincidence, or maybe she is not the right person for you.”

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