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Dwarf-in-the-wood’s beard

Dwarf-in-the-wood was placidly sleeping on a tree branch. It was the hottest day in the summer. A long beard was hanging from the dwarf’s face and sweat was running down his cheeks. It was so hot that Dwarf-in-the-wood woke up. At that moment, another dwarf was walking by. When he saw Dwarf-in-the-wood coming down the tree he said hello. He was amazed at Dwarf-in-the-wood’s long long beard, so he asked:

– Why do you have so big a beard?

– It’s a long long story. Nearly as long as my beard. Will you have enough time to listen to it?

– I can’t wait to listen to it. I’ll be delighted to learn about your beard. I live in a nearby tree, would you like to come round and have some ice lemonade while we chat?

– Thank you very much. That’s a great idea.

– Sorry, I have not introduced myself. My name is Ezekiel and I’m the shoemaker in this wood.

– My name is Dwarf-in-the-wood and I’m a miner for precious stones.

[by noelia194, anthoska, c.pablovega1993 & thejoshua93]

Half an hour later, they arrived home and Dwarf-in-the-wood started his story.

“When I was a teenager, I was playing marbles with my sister Margaret in the wood. Suddenly, one of the marbles ran a long way out of the circle. It rolled and rolled and rolled and it fell in a small lake. I ran after the marble and got to the lake. I saw the marble fall in the water and tried to catch it, but I couldn’t reach. I looked for help and saw a girl who was wandering around the lake. I approached to her and asked:

– Can you help me get my marble back, please?

– Why should I help you? I don’t know who you are.

-My name’s Dwarf-in-the-wood. I live in a nearby tree. I was playing with my sister and one of our marbles rolled away. It is the most beautiful marble I’ve got and my grandad’s present.

-I’d like to help you but I’ve got a problem. A bad witch who lives in the lake cursed me and I can’t touch the water in this lake.

-What would happen to you if you touched the water?

-I would turn into a frog for ever.

-How could I help you?

-You’ll have to persuade the witch to give you the antidote.

-And how can I find the witch and try to persuade her?

-You must sing this song to her:

[by iriaa9109, noelia194, anthoska, c.pablovega1993 & thejoshua93]

So he went near the lake, sang the song and shouted out: “Could the lake’s witch receive me so that I can talk to her about a serious problem?” And a strange scaring face answered: “Who asks?”.

– I’m Dwarf- in-the-wood and I want to make you a serious proposal.

– What’s it about?

– I would like you to give some antidote to the girl who’s wondering around the lake so that she can get in and dive and get my marble back to me.

-OK, and what will I get from you? – the witch asked.

-Whatever you want, I just wanna save my marble from the bottom of the lake.

So the witch said some strange words and a boat started to appear from the middle of the river, surrounded by a strange green fog. I got into the boat and waited while it went on its own to a small island in the lake. When I got there, I got off the boat and stared at the strange view around me. There were some big stones in a small beach and a weird crystal path which led to a castle. There, the witch received me after singing the song once more. We had some strange spicy tea and then she told me why the girl could not get into the water. [by Andrés Armesto Cortiña]

“Long long time ago, when I was young and beautiful, I used to live in a little village near Bruges. One day, a foreigner came to the village asking for a job. I was working at my father’s bakery. This man passed by our shop riding a black horse when our neighbour’s dog jumped at him barking. The man’s horse got really scared and made the jockey fall down. [by thejoshua93, c.pablovega1993, Marta Salgado Castelo, iriaa9109, cars13]

…I went quickly to help. The horseman was really bad. I called an ambulance. He was unconscious. Doctors took him to hospital. Every day when I left my father’s bakery, I visited him. The horseman didn’t have any family and I didn’t know his name. I was the only one who knew what had happened and I should help. Little by little, without knowing how, I fell in love. I couldn’t stop going to see him a single day. One day, the horseman, woke up. I explained him what had happened. He told me that he couldn’t remember anything, but the last thing he saw was me…[by Marta Salgado Castelo]

He thanked me for having helped him and he told me I was a good girl, because I didn’t know who he was and I had helped him. He said he didn’t know me but we would be good friends… but I didn’t love him as a friend, I loved him and I wanted to spend every single day of my life with him. Two months later, I confessed my love, but he didn’t feel the same for me. He saw me as the girl that had helped him in the accident. At the moment, he loved me as a good friend. [by kaariinaa7]

When he left the hospital, they were very friendly. They went for long walks every day and then went for a drink of water in some nice place outdoors. One day she mentioned again what she felt for him, but the boy said he also liked her. The horseman said that he couldn’t say that before because he didn’t know her. But  now he knew how she was and he liked her. He didn’t have job and she offered him a job at her father’s bakery, he accepted. They started to live together and work together every day. [by Marta Salgado Castelo]

One grey day (not greenday, note the difference), I was at the bakery and my beloved jockey was looking for a better job away from my father’s look. A woman came into the shop and told me that my man had died in the storm. I ran into the forest. On my way I saw my lover’s body lying on the ground. I started to cry, I couldn’t stop crying.

[by thejoshua93, c.pablovega1993, Marta Salgado Castelo, juaan1994, iriaa9109, andreasimplementeyo, cars13]


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