Posted by: Marta Salgado Castelo | 10/03/2010

The Book 14

What it is this? -said Betty.
Everything was dark. Betty and George felt as if someone had caught them. The lights turned on, but they were in THE HOUSE, the house where the book had first appeared. Everything was very strange. They decided to read the book: “…they tried to escape from this house, but nothing will happen if they are not together. They can never get rid of the curse…”
Betty and George were very frightened, but they had nothing to do. They decided to call the police again:
-Hello! the police? We have a problem -said Betty.
The police said: “what is it?”
-We’ll tell when you arrive -said Betty.
-OK. Anyway, we’ll check this call and you can get into trouble -said the police- we still remember the last time… but we have a new section at the moment and they’ll decide.
When the police arrived, there was nothing strange. But they decided to wait with them…

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