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Andrew 4

When the day came they met in the café to have something to drink and they started to speak. Then they went for a walk in the park and continued talking. Then Andrew told Zoe that he had to go home. When Andrew came home Andrew’s mum had prepared his favourite food. The next day Andrew got up and had breakfast and then went to school. When Andrew arrived at school he had an English lesson. The teacher asked him several questions and Andrew knew all the answers that day was not as the previous day. Andrew was very happy. As soon as Andrew got home, he phoned Zoe. Zoe told him they could not meet. Andrew’s spirit changed immediately, though Andrew told Zoe that it was OK. Andrew put the phone down. Andrew spoke to his mum in the kitchen:

Mum, I’ve got a problem!!!

What’s the matter Andrew ? Are you gloomy?

A little. I like a girl

Is it Zoe?

Yes, a little.

Andrew kissed her and went to his bedroom. Andrew was thinking all the night. He was anxious for the next day to come. The next day Andrew got up at half past seven and had breakfast. Andrew was excited and wanted the afternoon to arrive to speak to Zoe if  she could go out but…

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