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Playground 15

After a week, Mike’s grandfather arrived at their humble house in Kansas City. It was getting dark and Mike was doing his homework when the bell rang. Mike was scared by the sound and he stood up from the chair in a jump. The person who had made the bell sound was an old man, Mike thought that he may be his grandfather.

Mike asked the man that was behind the door:

– Who are you? What do you want?

And the man said:

– I’m George, my dear Mike.

Mike opened the door. Suddenly, the sky became grey and sad. A strange fog surrounded all the things around the man that was in front of Mike. The old man was very similar to the man that he had seen when John disappeared. He was dressed in the same clothes as the last time, but now Mike noticed his blue penetrating eyes. His look was gloomy, like the look of a vampire, Mike thought.

Suddenly Carol, Mike’s mum, arrived. When she saw her father her face turned scared and pale and she said and inaudible “hello”. George came into the house. All the plants of the hall withered and their dog, Puppy, ran away scared, with its tail between its legs.

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