Posted by: rosulandia | 03/03/2010

Andrew 3

The next day, Andrew got up early. It was Monday. At 9 o’clock he arrived at the school. His first class was maths and his teacher told him to come up to the blackboard. The day didn’t start very well, the teacher gave him a bad mark because he didn’t know how to solve the exercise. Andrew was nervous because he was thinking about phoning Zoe, again. At half past two Andrew went out of class. Although he had many homework, he decided to call Zoe:

-Hi Zoe! I’m Andrew again.

-Hi Andrew! How are you?

-I’m fine thanks.

-Why are you calling me?

-Because I thought we could meet again.

-Ok, I agree with you.

-Where shall we meet?

-Do you agree to meet in the same café as the other day?

-Ok, I’ll see you there.

-Bye, see you soon.


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