Posted by: lokiita15 | 27/02/2010

Andrew 2

He went back home. When he arrived, he went to the kitchen, he had a glass of milk and he went to this bedroom. He sat on his chair and he began to think about her. He remembered her green eyes, her mouth, her big and red lips, her dark hair…

Two days went by and he could not forget her. Then he decided to phone her, she spoke to him, he asked her to meet for a cup of coffee. She thought about it but, in the end, she said: “YES”

After two days, he went to the café where they had to meet. She was there. They talked about a lot of things, they left the café and went to the park where they continued talking and had an ice-cream. Everything was going wonderfully but suddenly she changed her face and began staring at him as if it was the first time she had seen him…

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