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Andrew was waiting for the bus. It was raining. In fact it was lashing down with rain and he didn’t have an umbrella. The bus stop was packed and there was no place for shelter.

He began to run because he wanted to take shelter. He went into a café and he saw a nice girl. She was dark haired and she was wearing a blue dress. She was alone and Andrew decided to talk to her. He went near the girl and he said to her:

– Hi! I’m Andrew and I decided to talk to you because I saw you on your own and you looked a bit lonely. Are you waiting for someone?

– Yes, I’m waiting for my friend Ashley but, what business is it of yours?

– Sorry if I offended you. It wasn’t my intention.

He turned around and he was going out of the café when the girl approached him and said:

– My name is Zoe and my telephone number is 678123456.

Andrew went out of the café and, all of a sudden, the sun was shining. [by nonseiainda]

He went back home. When he arrived, he went to the kitchen, he had a glass of milk and he went to this bedroom. He sat on his chair and he began to think about her. He remembered her green eyes, her mouth, her big and red lips, her dark hair…

Two days went by and he could not forget her. Then he decided to phone her, she spoke to him, he asked her to meet for a cup of coffee. She thought about it but, in the end, she said: “YES”

After two days, he went to the café where they had to meet. She was there. They talked about a lot of things, they left the café and went to the park where they continued talking and had an ice-cream. Everything was going wonderfully but suddenly she changed her face and began staring at him as if it was the first time she had seen him… [lokiita15]

The next day, Andrew got up early. It was Monday. At 9 o’clock he arrived at the school. His first class was maths and his teacher told him to c0me up to the blackboard. The day didn’t start very well, the teacher gave him a bad mark because he didn’t know how to solve the exercise. Andrew was nervous because he was thinking about phoning Zoe, again. At half past two Andrew went out of class. Although he had many homework, he decided to call Zoe:

-Hi Zoe! I’m Andrew again.

-Hi Andrew! How are you?

-I’m fine thanks.

-Why are you calling me?

-Because I thought we could meet again.

-Ok, I agree with you.

-Where shall we meet?

-Do you agree to meet in the same café as the other day?

-Ok, I’ll see you there.

-Bye, see you soon.

-Bye… [by rosulandia]

When the day came they met in the café to have something to drink and they started to speak. Then they went for a walk in the park and continued talking. Then Andrew told Zoe that he had to go home. When Andrew came home Andrew’s mum had prepared his favourite food. The next day Andrew got up and had breakfast and then went to school. When Andrew arrived at school he had an English lesson. The teacher asked him several questions and Andrew knew all the answers that day was not as the previous day. Andrew was very happy. As soon as Andrew got home, he phoned Zoe. Zoe told him they could not meet. Andrew’s spirit changed immediately, though Andrew told Zoe that it was OK. Andrew put the phone down. Andrew spoke to his mum in the kitchen:

Mum, I’ve got a problem!!!

What’s the matter Andrew ? Are you gloomy?

A little. I like a girl

Is it Zoe?

Yes, a little.

Andrew kissed her and went to his bedroom. Andrew was thinking all the night. He was anxious for the next day to come. The next day Andrew got up at half past seven and had breakfast. Andrew was excited and wanted the afternoon to arrive to speak to Zoe if  she could go out. [by gugliandolo]

When Andrew arrived home from school, the first thing he did was phoning Zoe. He asked her to go to the cinema and Zoe, of course, agreed. They decided to meet at half past five in front of the cinema.

Andrew was punctual, but Zoe was waiting for him. When he saw her, he was surprised. Zoe was really beautiful. She was wearing a black dress and high-heeled shoes. She wore her curly hair down her shoulders. She looked very nice.

They went into the cinema and they agreed to see a romantic comedy. But Andrew couldn’t concentrate in the film, he couldn’t stop thinking in Zoe. He wanted to kiss her but he was afraid she would take offense. It was the first time that he felt something so strong in so little time.

The film ended and they had to go home, but it was raining and Zoe didn’t have an umbrella so Andrew went with her up to her house. When they arrived to the doorway, Andrew felt very sad, he didn’t want to say goodbye, but he had to do it. [by martiita94]

When he got home, Andrew went into his bedroom. Then Andrew’s mum came in the bedroom and gave him a hug and said he had to go and have something to eat. Andrew stood up and walked to the kitchen. Andrew’s dad asked what had happened at the cinema with Zoe. At that moment, the phone rang, Andrew’s mum answered but it was for Andrew, it was Zoe. They were talking for a long time. Zoe asked if the could meet again at the same café the next day. Andrew agreed. The next day, Andrew went to school to find out that he had just a pass in his English exam, the day could not start worse. He was just waiting for the time to go. Andrew arrived at the café a bit early and he saw Zoe with a boy. Andrew was really surprised. He ran away towards home. Andrew was thinking about what Zoe had done. When he got home Andrew went to the kitchen to talk to his mother about what had happened with Zoe. His mother said: “I think you should keep quiet. Maybe it is just a bad coincidence, or maybe she is not the right person for you.” [by gugliandolo]

That boy was Zoe’s brother but Andrew didn’t know. When he was sitting in the kitchen to begin supper, the phone rang. Andrew answered. It was Zoe.

– Hello, it’s Zoe. Can I speak to Andrew, please?

– Speaking.

– Why didn’t you come to the café this afternoon?

– I saw you with another guy and I’m very disappointed with you. I don’t want to talk anymore. Bye.

Zoe began to cry and she decided to go to Andrew’s house to explain the problem face to face. It was raining and Zoe’s mum told her:

– Zoe, where are you going? It’s raining and it’s late to go out.

– I had a misunderstanding with Andrew and I want to clarify this problem now.

Zoe began to run out of her house and when she was crossing the road a car knocked her down and she fell on the road. She was unconscious and she had a very serious wound in the head. [by nonseiainda]

An ambulance drove Zoe to hospital. Zoe’s mother thought it was a good idea to phone Andrew. Then Andrew quickly went to the hospital. When he arrived, he saw Zoe in a stretcher with a machine connected to her head. Just at that moment, the doctor was coming out with a bad face and Zoe’s mother was crying.

Andrew didn’t know what had happened, and he was confused. He decided to speak to the doctor but he wouldn’t speak to Andrew. Andrew was crying and could not understand anything but he stayed at the hospital… [josemnv]

Fortunately, she was discharged from hospital and was sent home. When she arrived at her house, she went to her room and she lay on her bed, she thought about the accident, and she tried to remember the car and the driver but she could just remember the colour of  the  car. The car was red. The next day, Andrew phoned Zoe to ask about her health. She told him to go to her home. He went to her house and spoke to her. She said that she could remember the colour of the car and he said that she had to tell the police. But she did not want to. She was afraid of recalling the past. Some days later she could walk and she started her lesssons again, but she was afraid of the red car. She could not  forget it. When she came back home, she saw the red car in front of her house. When she went  in, she heard a voice which was very familiar… [by lokiita15]

It was the voice of her father. Zoe was happy to greet her father and they were talking about all the time that she hadn’t seen him. Andrew went to Zoe’s house. When he saw Zoe’s father, he decided that he should come in some other moment. But Zoe’s mother told Andrew that he could stay in her house to eat something with them. One hour later, Andrew and Zoe went for a walk in the park, and they talked about the future. Zoe was very happy because she could see to her father again, one year after the terrible accident had happened. Zoe started to tell everything about the accident to Andrew:
-One day, when I went to school, I saw a man that…[by albaa18]

…told me that my father had disappeared and that they had found his car on the road. It had several flat tires and dents. People could not understand what had happened. After that, we had received a letter demanding a ransom and setting a deadline for the delivery. According to my father, he escaped soon after, and so I can speak to him today.[by cancerbero93]

But the kidnappers didn’t forget my father. Two months later, they tried to kidnap him again. But they couldn’t do it because my father was with his friends, and they defended him. My father’s friends grabbed the kidnappers and they called the police, but they escaped before police arrived. The police arrived late. But from that day, the kidnappers haven’t returned. And I’m very happy because my father is well and he is near me. And now I am with my father and my mother. [by juancaaaa]

Andrew didn’t believe that story.
– Are you  sure this story is true? – asked Andrew. Zoe looked at him with hatred in her eyes: “Of course! Why would it be a lie? Tell me!” Andrew looked at her, at this moment she was crying.
– Listen, OK, it’s impossible, you’re right! …but, on the other hand, days are passing and now I can’t understand anything …sorry, I’m stupid.
Zoe looked at him.
-The past is the past -she said- I want to forget.
“I’m your best friend, OK?,  If you need my help you just have to call me, OK?  I’m forever with you.”
Zoe smiled. She wanted to do something, she wanted to show how much she loved him.
“I like you very much. You’re charming.”
I do not believe it… – thought Andrew, he loved her but she only loved him like a friend, he knew.
– Honestly!- added Zoe
And when he was going to answer, Zoe hugged him and looked at his mouth. Andrew was very nervous, but he knew what he wanted and she wanted the same.
“I love you” – she whispered, and at this moment he kissed her lips. [by gigilita]

That day was the best in Andrew’s life. The girl he loved was going out with him and he was the happiest man in the world. The next day they met in the beach at four o’clock. When Andrew was going to the beach he saw Zoe’s dad. He was talking to a man and a woman with strange appearance. They were giving Zoe’s dad a very big package. So Andrew decided to spy on him and he sent a text message to Zoe to cancel their date. But Zoe’s mobile’s battery went dead and she couldn’t receive the text message. The next day, Zoe phoned Andrew very upset because he hadn’t gone to their date. He explained her that he had sent a text message to her mobile to cancel the date because he had seen her dad with strange people and he decided to spy on him. She asked Andrew about what had happened after that and he said… [by nonseiainda]


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