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Not Just A Question Of Money 9

I asked really surprised:

-Which illness? I didn’t know that Kelly had an illness!

Suddenly the phone rang and my father and mother went, and I didn’t find out what happened with Kelly…

I went to my bedroon, and I spent all the afternoon at home. What should I do? I didn’t have a clue. Then, I fell asleep.

When I got up it was four o’clock, I drank a glass of water and I went to bed again.

Next morning, I woke up angry, I had breakfast and I walked in the garden, I needed to think. Suddenly, I saw Kelly and my parents talking in the garden and I hid behind the trees to listen to their conversation:

– We continue with the plan, so I’ll continue to be John’s girlfriend and you’ll be happy, is that OK?

– That’s a great idea Kelly! Well, see you tomorrow and John can’t see you, run! And goodbye!


I went back into the house very confused… What plan were they talking about? Were my parents Kelly’s accomplices? I didn’t understand anything…

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