Posted by: soofía | 16/02/2010

Playground 10

At this moment, Mike listened to the sound of his mobile phone. It was his mum. When he answered the phone, he took a deep breath in relief.
-Mum, where were you? I’m very worried for you, moreover for the strange things which are happening.
-Calm down, Mike, I was at the hairdresser’s. I’ll be home for supper.
-Ok, mum.
Then, Mike, remembered his friend John and he shouted very loudly “Jooooooooooohn!” His friend answered:
-What’s the matter, Mike?
-Am I dreaming? You had disappeared in the fog!
-In the fog? I was always here with you, Mike.
-Omg! -Mike shouted. I’m afraid, John, I’m going crazy!

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