Posted by: iriaa9109 | 31/01/2010

The Book 6

Betty was very scared about what was going to happen to George. She knew that he was haunted but she couldn’t  forbid him to leave the house. He was an adult and he could look after himself but Betty felt something unusual for this man who always looked after her and now he didn’t want to stay by her. Betty took the book and continued reading: “Once upon a time a young couple, Jane and Edward, lived in this house. They were in love and they made a promise -they would stand together forever and ever- but one day a relentless hurricane brought Jane’s life to an end and Edward who was incapable of bearing his pain shut himself in a room without water or food until he died. The legend told that when they met in heaven thay decided to come down to earth and help all the people who lived in their old house to find love. They helped a lot of people but a few years ago a man didn’t want their help and, as a punishment, they haunted him and all the people he loved…”

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