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Blue 37

Ares was very confused. Suddenly, Afrodita appeared behind him.
-Hi, Ares! Oh, dear! don’t worry, love…
-What’s going on?
-Dear, come with me and I’ll tell you – said Afrodita in a sweet voice.

Afrodita took his hand and took him to an abandoned house.

-Why are we here? I want to go home!

-Shut up! Look at this door, Ares. This is  the solution to your problems: it connects our world and their word.

-Why are there four buttons? – Ares tried to touch the yellow buttom.

-NO! er….not yet. I’ll explain. The red buttom cancels every possibility to connect with the Underworld. The black button kills all the people who can have a connection with other worlds. The blue button, cancels the visions of those who push it. It’s the best for you, right?

-I suppose so. Sorry, Afrodita, and what is the function of this buttom? – said Ares pointing to the yellow buttom. Ares felt this color had something special for him.

-Er… I don’t know, but I think its use is restricted. Which one will you choose?- Afrodita knew the blue button would kill anyone who pushed it, and the yellow one would kill her and give powers to the person who pushed it… Hurry up, Ares! We don’t have all day!

Ares looked at Afrodita, and was going to push when…

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