Posted by: rubeen14 | 30/01/2010

Playground 7

After the conversation, Mike felt strange. All the things that happened were unusual and Mike didn’t know  what to do. John was nervous too, the sports centre didn’t appear to be at the place that he thought it was, the same place it had always been. Mike knew this and when he went to talk with him, he saw a dense fog that enveloped his friend’s body. Mike was frightened, this was incredible, this couldn’t be happening, he thought. When he was going to help his friend, suddenly John disappeared in the fog. Mike tried to find John in the empty street, but John wasn’t here, he had vanished. Mike started to cry, he felt powerless, he didn’t know that to do with his disappeared friend, he didn’t know if should come home or stay there to look for John. He decided to look for his friend, he was frightened if his family or his friends asked him for John, this would be a difficult situation. This is one of the magical things that can happen once in your life, and one of these things that can be unbelievable.

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