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The Book 5

Betty saw the book. It was in the same place they had left it before. They started to read again: “The man disappears when there are strange people around, only the people who live in this house, his house, your house, can see him. But these people can never leave the house.”
-Oh, no!-said George- I must leave this house immediately. You must go, too.
-No! I want to discover this strange thing. Now this man and this house need us.
-You are crazy! -George shouted desperately- You’ll die!
-We must stay here, George. You know it. We are in this house, and we could see the man, now we won’t go out.
-Ok. I’ll home on my own! I’m sorry for you…
George went to the door, but suddenly something strange happened.
-G-E-O-R-G-E! -cried Betty.
The doors started to open and close repeatedly, the lights turned on and off once and again, the plates were flying , it was windy and cold. A ghost of a man appeared, he was badly wounded. He was wearing bloodstained old clothes. He said:
-HEELP! HEEEELP! You must help me. If you go out, horrible things will happen. Your mission is helping me, when you do it, you’ll be free. The book will help you!
-Wow! You-sa-aw-th-i-s? –George started to stutter- Oh, my God! I’m crazy too! I must leave this house now! I can’t wait any longer. I’m sorry Betty!
– Good luck! You’ll need more luck…

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