Posted by: pablovega93 | 28/01/2010

The Book 4

BETTY : This is not a joke!

POLICE : We have not seen anything strange here. You told us there was a face but we did not see anything. But, how long has it been here? Where have you read that? Do you believe everything the book says?

BETTY : Not everything, but that is true, it is in the book, I read it in the old basement and when I started reading, I checked what it said and it is true!!! If you want I’ll show you the headless body.

POLICE : Mmmm… we have not got time for this things and we have not seen anything here.

BETTY : come with me, please!!!


When they arrived to the barn the body was not there and Betty could not believe it.

POLICE : Here I can’t see anything, Miss.

BETTY : Oh!! It can not be possible… I saw the body before. something happened with it.

POLICE : Are you crazy?


POLICE: We have come for nothing. You can phone us when you have evidence, OK? BYE.

After what happened Betty and George went inside the house and continued reading…

click here to read the whole story


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