Posted by: nonseiainda | 28/01/2010

Blue 33

Ares didn’t  pursue him, he was too afraid and too tired. He went upstairs and he lied down on his bed and he began to think about the strange man. Quickly he fell asleep.

The next day Ares had dreamt of the strange man. Was he a seer? Was he a wizard? What was he? He got up and he went downstairs. He went into the kitchen and he saw his mother. He said:

– Hi mum, how are you?

– I’m fine thanks, and you?

– I’m not very well. I’ve got a headache.

Suddenly a bottle of jam began to levitate and then it fell on the floor and broke. Hera was very surprised when she saw that and Ares left his house and ran to see Afrodita.

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