Posted by: Marta Salgado Castelo | 26/01/2010

The Book 2

Betty closed the book, this story was really scary, but she had already started reading the book… what would happen next? Betty asked George if he would go with her to the barn. When they arrived, there wasn’t a dead man there. Everything was very strange, there was a note and a head, but there wasn’t a dead man’s body. Betty and George decided to call the police.

POLICE: Las Vegas Police Department, hello?
BETTY: Hello!
POLICE: Can I help you?
BETTY: There is a very strange book in my house. When I started reading the book there was a dead man in the barn, but now there is a head and a note.
POLICE: I understand. We’ll be there in five minutes.
BETTY: OK. Here we’ll  wait, thanks.

click here to read the whole story


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