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Playground 4

However, on his way to find his mother he phoned Frank again.

-No, there isn’t any Frank here. Your telephone number is wrong.

-Ok, excuse me. Thank you.

Mike  tried to call another friend, John.

-Hello John, we had to go to the Kennedy’s Secondary School Sports Centre but I don’t know how to go.

-Ok, no problem. Are you at home?

– Well, I’m nearly there.

-Well, then I’ll go to your place in ten minutes and we’ll go together.

-OK, see you then.

When John arrived at Mike’s place, both went to Kennedy’s Secondary School Sports Centre, it was near Mike’s house. But when they arrived at the place where the sports centre must be they couldn’t see any building, there was only a big garden.

-Oh, my God! John, where is the sports center? It’s not possible. Try to call the basketball trainer again.

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