Posted by: Marta Salgado Castelo | 25/01/2010

The Book 1

…Betty left the book aside and started to clean the cellar. She was not sure what to do and a bit of work would let her think it over. After  a few hours, she continued reading: “There is a barn opposite the house, you must never, never, ever go there…”

Betty stopped reading, it was time to go to sleep. She couldn’t sleep, she kept thinking of what she had read. In the morning, she went to the barn, she opened the door. Betty saw a big pile of sand. She ran for a shovel, removed sand and found a headless man. Betty was very scared and she called her best friend, George, to talk about what had happened. Betty asked George if he could sleep in her house. At night, they listened to many different sounds coming from the barn, they couldn’t sleep.

In the morning, they continued reading the book: “… the former owner of this house is buried there,  and he died under very strange circumstances…”

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