Posted by: inescv | 22/01/2010

Not Just A Question Of Money 3

Yesterday I went to Liverpool to spend a day with Kelly. We rode a horse and when we stopped to have a sandwich, we had an argument. At night I thought: the week couldn’t start worse.

On Monday, the first class was Spanish. The teacher’s name is Bianca. She has got long, dark, straight hair. She usually wears a pink jumper, a long, black skirt and brown shoes. We can’t understand her, because she speaks badly.

When we were sitting on our chairs, the teacher said:

-People who want to have a student exchange with Spanish students must tell me.

First, I thought in Jose and then in Elba.  When I arrived home, I spoke about the exchange programme with my parents. They said it was a good idea.

The next day I was the first who wrote his name on the piece of paper.  The week was very long for me, I thought all the time in Jose, Elba and Kelly too.

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