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The Book

She had just bought that old house, so there was a lot of cleaning to be done. She decided to start at the cellar. The first thing she saw there was an old bookcase. It was empty, except for an old book with a dusty leather cover. Betty opened the book and started reading: “This is the true story of the House of YOUR Life. If you are not prepared for the unexpected, please refrain from reading…”

…Betty left the book aside and started to clean the cellar. She was not sure what to do and a bit of work would let her think it over. After  a few hours, she continued reading: “There is a barn opposite the house, you must never, never, ever go there…”

Betty stopped reading, it was time to go to sleep. She couldn’t sleep, she kept thinking of what she had read. In the morning, she went to the barn, she opened the door. Betty saw a big pile of sand. She ran for a shovel, removed sand and found a headless man. Betty was very scared and she called her best friend, George, to talk about what had happened. Betty asked George if he could sleep in her house. At night, they listened to many different sounds coming from the barn, they couldn’t sleep.

In the morning, they continued reading the book: “… the former owner of this house is buried there,  and he died under very strange circumstances…” [by mmaarrttaa]

Betty closed the book, this story was really scary, but she had already started reading the book… what would happen next? Betty asked George if he would go with her to the barn. When they arrived, there wasn’t a dead man there. Everything was very strange, there was a note and a head, but there wasn’t a dead man’s body. Betty and George decided to call the police.

POLICE: Las Vegas Police Department, hello?
BETTY: Hello!
POLICE: Can I help you?
BETTY: There is a very strange book in my house. When I started reading the book there was a dead man in the barn, but now there is a head and a note.
POLICE: I understand. We’ll be there in five minutes.
BETTY: OK. Here we’ll  wait, thanks. [by mmaarrttaa]

Betty and George went out of the barn for a moment to wait for the police. They were ten minutes waiting and when the police came they informed them again about what they had seen. When they all entered the barn, the police inspected the place and very surprised commented to Betty and George that there was nothing strange or unusual.

BETTY: It’s impossible that there is nobody, we have just seen everything.

POLICE: It seems that it is a question of a joke, we’ll go away. [by noelia194]

BETTY : This is not a joke!

POLICE : We have not seen anything strange here. You told us there was a face but we did not see anything. But, how long has it been here? Where have you read that? Do you believe everything the book says?

BETTY : Not everything, but that is true, it is in the book, I read it in the old basement and when I started reading, I checked what it said and it is true!!! If you want I’ll show you the headless body.

POLICE : Mmmm… we have not got time for this things and we have not seen anything here.

BETTY : come with me, please!!!


When they arrived to the barn the body was not there and Betty could not believe it.

POLICE : Here I can’t see anything, Miss.

BETTY : Oh!! It can not be possible… I saw the body before. something happened with it.

POLICE : Are you crazy?


POLICE: We have come for nothing. You can phone us when you have evidence, OK? BYE.

After what happened Betty and George went inside the house and continued reading… [by pablovega93]

Betty saw the book. It was in the same place they had left it before. They started to read again: “The man disappears when there are strange people around, only the people who live in this house, his house, your house, can see him. But these people can never leave the house.”
-Oh, no!-said George- I must leave this house immediately. You must go, too.
-No! I want to discover this strange thing. Now this man and this house need us.
-You are crazy! -George shouted desperately- You’ll die!
-We must stay here, George. You know it. We are in this house, and we could see the man, now we won’t go out.
-Ok. I’ll home on my own! I’m sorry for you…
George went to the door, but suddenly something strange happened.
-G-E-O-R-G-E! -cried Betty.
The doors started to open and close repeatedly, the lights turned on and off once and again, the plates were flying , it was windy and cold. A ghost of a man appeared, he was badly wounded. He was wearing bloodstained old clothes. He said:
-HEELP! HEEEELP! You must help me. If you go out, horrible things will happen. Your mission is helping me, when you do it, you’ll be free. The book will help you!
-Wow! You-sa-aw-th-i-s? –George started to stutter- Oh, my God! I’m crazy too! I must leave this house now! I can’t wait any longer. I’m sorry Betty!
– Good luck! You’ll need more luck… [by yolyvales]

Betty was very scared about what was going to happen to George. She knew that he was haunted but she couldn’t  forbid him to leave the house. He was an adult and he could look after himself but Betty felt something unusual for this man who always looked after her and now he didn’t want to stay by her. Betty took the book and continued reading: “Once upon a time a young couple, Jane and Edward, lived in this house. They were in love and they made a promise -they would stand together forever and ever- but one day a relentless hurricane brought Jane’s life to an end and Edward who was incapable of bearing his pain shut himself in a room without water or food until he died. The legend told that when they met in heaven thay decided to come down to earth and help all the people who lived in their old house to find love. They helped a lot of people but a few years ago a man didn’t want their help and, as a punishment, they haunted him and all the people he loved…” [by iriaa9109]

Betty stopped reading for a moment and then looked at the book again, but… the book had disappeared. Betty thought that the ghost would have it. She went to cellar. There it was, in the middle of a bright star. She walked towards the star to take the book but when she entered the star she realized it formed a barrier that did not let the book come out. She shouted but nobody was listening to her. She tried to find a way of going out. She thought she may find the way out by reading the book. She read that erasing some lines the barrier would disappear. [by itxs]


While this was happening, George arrived home. He went to the bathroom and had a shower, he looked at the mirror and saw some letters written with blood. They said: “you know a lot, you must die, you’ll be just like me.” He phoned Betty and cried: “I will be dead, help me, please. It’s terrible, a blood letter appeared in my mirror, please come on, we need go away from this village”. On the other side of the line he heard: “I am not Betty” and then they put the phone down. George started to cry desperately. [by tokolu]


Once Betty had erased a few words, she was able to walk freely around the cellar again, but she started to hear voices… not voices… it was George’s voice saying: “I’m frightened”. Betty decided to go and find George, after all, he seemed to be the only person who could understand her and he needed help at the moment. Betty arrived at his house quickly and said: “Don’t worry. Why are you afraid? … show me the mirror, please.” When George got to the mirror all had disappeared and George said: “The letter was in the mirror!!! It really was!! Please, I’m frightened, I don’t know what is happening from the moment I left your house…” Betty said: “there’s no problem in going to my house again, come with me, if you like…” [by anthoska]

George and Betty were very afraid and they decided to leave the house. They didn’t know where to go, but they wanted to get rid of the curse that inhabited that hous. Betty left the book in that haunted house.

They found a new house in the outskirts of Las Vegas. Betty and George began to live a normal life. But one day, while Betty was preparing dinner, looking for recipes in a book, she saw the book… the book that belonged to the haunted house!! She waited for George and they began to read: “…They tried to escape, but the curse pursued them….”. They closed the book. Nothing happened at the moment. They went to sleep. [by mmaarrttaa]

The next day they woke up, they had breakfast and they went to work. When Betty got to the house after work she called George….

-Hi George! How was your day?

-Well I’m happy. And you?

-I’m fine. How long will it take you to get home?

-I’ll get there at about half past two.

-OK. I’ll prepare the food. What would you like to eat today?

-Today… I prefer chips and eggs

-OK. See you later. Bye!


When George arrived he shouted: Betty….Betty…! Are you around? But no one answered. He shouted and shouted without receiving any answer… [by albabs]

George looked for her, but she was not in the house. He phoned Betty on her mobile, but it was the man of the previous anonymous call who answered: “you are going to die like her, it is the fate of the book and has to be fulfilled.” On the other side of the line he heard a cry… George started to cry desperately. Scared, George decided to call the police. [by thejoshua93]

George was afraid. He continued calling Betty while he was waiting for the police.


She didn’t appear. He was very worried. Suddenly,someone opened the door. It was Betty.

-Betty! Where were you?

-What’s the matter?

-I was very afraid when I arrived home and I didn’t see you!

-Sorry, we didn’t have any bread, I went to buy some.

Suddenly, the door closed, the lights turned off and everything was plunged into darkness.

-What the hell…? – said George [by Andrés Armesto Cortiña]

What it is this? -said Betty.
Everything was dark. Betty and George felt as if someone had caught them. The lights turned on, but they were in THE HOUSE, the house where the book had first appeared. Everything was very strange. They decided to read the book: “…they tried to escape from this house, but nothing will happen if they are not together. They can never get rid of the curse…”
Betty and George were very frightened, but they had nothing to do. They decided to call the police again:
-Hello! the police? We have a problem -said Betty.
The police said: “what is it?”
-We’ll tell when you arrive -said Betty.
-OK. Anyway, we’ll check this call and you can get into trouble -said the police- we still remember the last time… but we have a new section at the moment and they’ll decide.
When the police arrived, there was nothing strange. But they decided to wait with them… [by mmaarrttaa]

They waited and waited… They decided to read the book…: “Anybody who knows the curse will die, unless they sleep with the owners in the barn.” The police read that, then decided to go to sleep in the barn. At night, they waited and waited, but suddenly they heard a very strange voice telling them that they would die. The next morning, the police were very afraid and decided to leave the house. Betty and George were frightened and didn’t want them to leave… Suddenly Betty heard: “Betty, Betty, you have to go to school…” and Betty said: “Oh! Mum I’ve just had a horrible nightmare! [by mmaarrttaa]



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