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Just Another Day 42

Manolo left the room and Susan started to talk to Charles.

– Charles, I want to talk to you because …

– Ok, but first I must tell you something about us.

– What’s the matter, Charles?

– Well, I have received a scholarship to study in France and I want to go so I think we must split up.

– But I love you Charles and I want to be with you.

– I know and I feel the same but I want to study in France and we can’t be together. I’m sorry, Susan. Now I must go home to prepare my trip, I’m going to take the plane tomorrow and I want to be with my mother this evening. Goodbye.

Charles left the room and Susan started to cry.

– I hate you, Charles – Susan shouted.

The next day, Charles and his mother were at the airport and Susan came as well, because she wanted to say sorry to Charles.

– I love you, Susan, and I don’t want to leave you but it’s going to be very good for us. I will come in 3 months, for Christmas, and I’ll see you and we’ll  talk.

– It’s Ok Charles..

-I must leave now, my plane leaves in 5 minutes. Goodbye Susan.

-Goodbye Charles, be happy in France

Charles said goodbye to his mother too and he boarded the plane but 20 minutes after this he had an accident and died. When  Susan received the news she started to cry again and she decided to commit suicide because she was very sad. Charles’ parents decided to start their relationship again  because they were very sorry and they felt very sad too.


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