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Not Just A Question Of Money

Mine is not a normal story. I was an only child in a rich family from Glasgow. I’ve always had everything I wanted. But let me introduce myself: my name is John, John McGregor.

I’m 17 years old and I go to Marley Secondary School. My best friend is Jose, he is Spanish, but he is studying in Glasgow. I went to Spain to visit Jose in the summer and it is an incredible country.

I have got two cats and a dog. My cats’ names are Chumi and Isi, and my dog’s name is Guti. I love Real Madrid FC and I hate Barcelona. My favourite basquetballteam is Cleveland Cavaliers and the USA national team, but I hate Orlando Magic.

My girlfriend’s name is Kelly. She is very beautiful and she is from Glasgow. Her family is very rich. His uncle is a famous actor in Hollywood and his father is an important employer. Kelly is 18 years old but people says she’s older. I love her.

My father’s name is David and he is 37 years old. My mother’s name is Sarah and she is 39 years old. [by andres#69]

Well, talking about Kelly again, we are childhood friends. When I was only a child, we went to school together and we used to play in my garden in the afternoon. She was better than me at school so she helped me with my homework. I love her, but in a different way. I’m going out with her because of my parents. She’s studying to be an actress, so I have to carry on with her because my parents think that it wouldn’t be very good for her career if we broke up.

I don’t know exactly if she loves me like a boyfriend or only like a friend. I don’t talk so much with her because she is studying in Liverpool. We only are together when we have to appear in a magazine with her uncle.

In fact, I would like to go out with a girl I met in Spain, last summer when I was with Jose there. Her name is Elba. She’s beautiful, I think more than Kelly. Elba is Jose’s cousin. She is always at her uncle’s house during holidays, so I met her there. She was so friendly with me. She came with us to the swimming pool and she also plays basketball. She loves sport. Her favorite football team is Barcelona FC so when we were watching a football match on TV we never agreed. [by beaad]

Yesterday I went to Liverpool to spend a day with Kelly. We rode a horse and when we stopped to have a sandwich, we had an argument. At night I thought: the week couldn’t start worse.

On Monday, the first class was Spanish. The teacher’s name is Bianca. She has got long, dark, straight hair. She usually wears a pink jumper, a long, black skirt and brown shoes. We can’t understand her, because she speaks badly.

When we were sitting on our chairs, the teacher said:

-People who want to have a student exchange with Spanish students must tell me.

First, I thought in Jose and then in Elba.  When I arrived home, I spoke about the exchange programme with my parents. They said it was a good idea.

The next day I was the first who wrote his name on the piece of paper.  The week was very long for me, I thought all the time in Jose, Elba and Kelly too. [by inescv]

Elba’s favourite football player is Messi. He is very good-looking and he plays very well. She prefers watching a football match on TV to  coming to the swimming pool with me. When we go to the swimming pool we play with my ball. She hates my ball because it is a Real Madrid ball.

At night she used to come to my house and watch TV all night but she used to go to sleep before I did. I love her because she is very pretty and intelligent.

One day we went to the beach and then went surfing she fell lots of times. It was a  very nice day. Sometimes at night we didn’t watch TV we told horror stories and horror films she was really frightened. [by sarawuex]

I was confused. Because, I love Spain but Kelly was in Liverpool. Next day I went to the school. I said:

-Teacher, I want go to Spain.

-OK, John! It’s a good idea.

After school, I went home and tolk my parents the plan of the trip. My father said:

-OK. It´s a new experience for you.

Then, I watched TV, a footbal match. It was Real Madrid against FC Barcelona. The result was 1-6. FC Barcelona was the winner and I was very furious. I turned off the TV and went to my bedroom.

In the morning, I went to school, and saw Kelly. She’s very cute. Kelly was wearing a blue T-shirt, a pair of jeans and white shoes. I was very confused, because I love Kelly, but Elba is really cute too. [by mariav3a]

…I was in a very difficult situation.  I didn’t know how to act but in this moment I decided to do what I wanted, careless about what my family could say. I went to Kelly and I told her: ‘Kelly, I’m going to go to Spain’. I wanted to say more things but she answered: ‘Oh, really?’ as if she was speaking to a stranger instead of her boyfriend. When I saw her reaction I got angry and I said: ‘Yes, next week I’m going to go to Spain, and I also want to tell you something else, I want to break up’. Kelly didn’t get angry or shouted or cried. She just laughed very loudly. I didn’t understand anything. She was laughing. Maybe she thought it was a joke… [by Jairaaa.]

– Don’t you understand that we have never been together? Our relation has been false! always! I have been with you only to appear in magazines…!

I was surprised. I couldn’t say anything so I went. I couldn’t think that everything was false. That girl wasn’t the same girl, we laughed and played together and we were good friends, what had happened?

My family had always said that we had to stay together, to have a relation and I had never wanted to, but now everything was different. Last summer, my friend Jose told me that when he was staying here, he had listened my father speaking to Kelly’s father about an illness. Kelly is very ill… [by patriciamr]

I didn’t want to listen to more shouts. When I arrived home my parents knew what had happened, they were very angry. And they told me (well, they shouted at me): ‘Why, have you broken up with Kelly? Don’t you remember what we had told you about it?’. I didn’t answer. ‘Give us an answer!’ my father said. ‘I don’t want to speak to you at the moment. Maybe, at night’ I said. I went to my bedroom, I switched on the music, I put the headphones on my ears and I slept. When I woke up, at twilight, I was alone in the house. I went to the living room to watch TV. After an hour, my parents came back to the house. They sat with me and told me: ‘You’re driving us crazy. Kelly’s parents are very annoyed, we went to talk to them’. I answered: ‘But I was so tired of doing all you wanted, I want to live my own life, I’m not an adult yet, but I’m not a child either’.  My mother said: ‘And you didn’t think about Kelly’s illness, did you?’ [by Jairaaa.]

I asked really surprised:

-Which illness? I didn’t know that Kelly had an illness!

Suddenly the phone rang and my father and mother went, and I didn’t find out what happened with Kelly…

I went to my bedroon, and I spent all the afternoon at home. What should I do? I didn’t have a clue. Then, I fell asleep.

When I got up it was four o’clock, I drank a glass of water and I went to bed again.

Next morning, I woke up angry, I had breakfast and I walked in the garden, I needed to think. Suddenly, I saw Kelly and my parents talking in the garden and I hid behind the trees to listen to their conversation:

– We continue with the plan, so I’ll continue to be John’s girlfriend and you’ll be happy, is that OK?

– That’s a great idea Kelly! Well, see you tomorrow and John can’t see you, run! And goodbye!


I went back into the house very confused… What plan were they talking about? Were my parents Kelly’s accomplices? I didn’t understand anything… [by lauritaa]

I spent all the morning in my bedroom thinking about what I had listened. At midday, my mum told me to come and have something to eat, but I wasn’t hungry. During the next two hours I was thinking, but I didn’t get to any conclusion. I didn’t understand anything. Two hours later, I went for a run in the park and I saw Kelly with another boy. I couldn’t believe it. I went home and I spent all night in my bedroom and I couldn’t sleep. The next day, I arrived at the park and Kelly was there with my parents. Why were they meeting secretly? [sandra24ma]

I didn’t understand anything. First my parents had told me that Kelly had an illness, then I saw that they were her accomplices, and saw Kelly with another boy, and today my parents and Kelly were metting secretly again. Oh my god! What was happening?

I hid behind the trees like the other time, but I couldn’t hear anything, so I went home and I decided to talk to Kelly and my parents to discover what was happening, but at that moment I felt very tired so I went to bed.

The next day I got up, but there weren’t anyone at home, so I sat in the sofa and watched TV. I waited all the morning for my parents to arrive: I wanted to ask them how Kelly was (if she really had an ilness) and discover what was happening. [by lauritaa]

There wasn’t anything on TV. I couldn’t understand anything. Why were my parents talking to Kelly secretly? What was happening? I had lunch alone because my parents phoned me:

– John we have plans for lunch, please excuse us. There’s some rice and chicken in the fridge.

When my parents eat out I usually watch TV, surf the Internet and eat in the living room. I turned on my computer and I saw José was connected at the moment.

-Hello José. How are you?

-I’m fine thanks. What about Kelly? Do you know anything new about Kelly and your parents?

-No, but today when they arrive I’m going to talk to them. I’m tired, I can’t wait any longer.

-I agree with you. Are you watching TV? There’s an interesting football match on Eurosport.

-Yes, I’m watching TV but I prefer House to the football match. I have a DVD with the last season.

-Ok. I’m going to the swimming pool. Bye.

-Bye. [by inescv]

I didn’t want to see Kelly. So, I phoned her. The first time I didn’t get an answer. I waited for five minutes, but again Kelly didn’t answer the phone. I got annoyed, it was not me to blame if she didn’t want to talk to me. Suddenly, my parents arrived and called me, I must go to the living room. Kelly was there. My father said: ‘Well, John you must fix your relationship with Kelly’.  My parents went out, Kelly started to talk: ‘John, I want to apologize to you. Sorry for the things that happened the other day’. I was confused, and I told her: ‘Please, don’t try to fool me, I heard your convertation with my parents, I know all your plans’. Kelly said: ‘What?’ [by Jairaaa.]

“That disease”, I said.

I pretended to be stupid, because I knew she had a disease, but I didn’t know what disease she had. And he told me she had a great depression. Confused, I asked my father why she had that depression. He replied that she was visiting the best psychologists in the world, but all told them the same: she had a depression but the girl didn’t help to solve the problem. I listened to what my father told me. I had no words because I saw her normal at school.

My father told me to try going out with her again and ask her why she didn’t want to help doctors find the problem she had. I said I’d try but could not promise anything. Then I also said that I’d try because they were friends of her parents’ and they wanted me to go on with the relation. Then I said I had to go to sleep because I had to go to school the next day and it was getting late, so I left the room thinking about it. [valeriojorge]

While I was leaving, Kelly burst into tears.

-Well, yes, I’m not ill. Your parents only said that to you because you want to break with me. They wanted you to feel sorry for me and carry on. I was so stupid.

I was so angry. How could my parents do this to me? An illness is too serious to joke about it.

Next day, I went to school and I looked at the exchange lists. I was selected!! I didn’t feel like going to Spain. Then I saw the people who were coming there on the exchange. I couldn’t believe it and I shouted:

– Elba? It isn’t possible.

Then I asked Jose and he confirmed me that it was true: Elba would go there and Kelly would be there too. What could I do? I wouldn’t tell my parents.

I was really confused. I didn’t know what to do with Kelly. I didn’t know whether to break up with her or not. I loved her but not like a girlfriend. She was a beautiful girl and she was very intelligent but she was moody sometimes and she treated me very badly. She was very cold. She didn’t appreciate our frienship. She had forgotten when we played in the garden together before school… She had forgotten everything… [by beaad]

For some days, I didn’t feel like meeting Elba or Kelly. I knew that Elba wasn’t guilty but I didn’t want a relation now. I tryed to see her when Kelly wasn’t there and I tried to talk to her because I wanted to explain the situation. It was crazy!

After some time, the students of the exchanging program came. It was my time to talk to Elba, because I didn’t want her to get angry. I was going to wait for all the students, when suddenly, I met Kelly in the way. I was angry with Kelly so I tried not to talk to her, but she started to shout at me: “What are you doing, John? Don’t you remember the plan? [by patriciamr]

It was a very strange situation.  Why did Kelly speak with me about an arragement? I didn’t know what to do and I told her:  ‘I’m in a hurry I need to go’. Suddenly she shouted at me: ‘You’re always avoiding me! Why you don’t want to speak to me? I was very tired to be always arguing with Kelly and I left her there. When the exchange students arrived, my look searched for Elba. When I found her I felt happiness. Her appearance had changed, but at the same time she had got more beautiful than before. She also saw me and smiled. She ran close to me and told me: ‘Hi John! Long time we haven’t met!’ and all of a sudden she kissed me. I was nearly hallucinating… When she stopped kissing me she apologize to me: ‘I’m so sorry! I’m so happy to see you, pardon me, sometimes my feelings drive my actions and I don’t think in the impact’. At the same time she was speaking to me, she smiled and her face blushed. I answered: ‘Don’t worry’. I said goodbye to her and I began to search my exchange classmate. I found him, he was called Daniel. He was in the same class as Elba, I asked if they were friends. He told me: ‘Yes, we’re going out’. I was really shocked, Elba was going out with Daniel, they were a couple, but at the same time she had kissed me… One more question without an answer that came to my mind. ‘I should speak to Elba’ I thought, because maybe… she loved me?. The next day at school when I was looking for Elba, Kelly spoke to me: ‘John, I saw Elba and you kissing yesterday, are you going out?’. I got serious and I said: ‘No, you’re in a mistake. It was just a kiss’. Kelly replied: ‘No, you’re in a mistake? Are you trying to fool me? I know you’re a couple. Because of this you broke with me. I’m going to speak to Elba, maybe she doesn’t lie to me’. I yelled: ‘No, please, Kelly, maybe we could make an arrangement’ [by Jairaaa.]

Kelly accepted the agreement and told me.

– OK, what agreement are you offering me?

– Keep on going out with me. Until you want.

– Well, that’s something we already knew, but I want something else.

– What?

– I want you to forget Elba forever, forget about her.

That made me feel terrible but if she wanted me to forget about Elba I should keep my promise. For a few days I did not look at Elba, I did not speak to her, but I felt terrible.[by roymou]

What a problem! going out with Kelly again! I was sure that I was going out with Elba and everything would solve… and now… oh my god! I was in trouble. I had to talk to Daniel. After school, I would look for him.

-Hi, Daniel! I have to talk to you.

-Hi, John! What’s the matter?

-It is about your girlfriend… umm… I met her some time ago… you have to talk to her.

-Oh, I see! You are friends! She didn’t tell me. What do I have to tell her?

-Tell her to tell you the truth.

At this moment, a scar caught my eye; it was on his neck… [by patriciamr]

Daniel was very confused, but that was not my problem. I loved Elba and did she love me? This question didn’t have an answer. I was really very nervous, because I didn’t know this answer. In the evening, I spoke to Daniel. He was very annoyed, because Elba had spoken to him about the kiss with me. Daniel had split up with Elba. I was very happy but I hadn’t split up with Kelly. I needed to speak to Kelly to break off.

In the evening, I went to the park. Because my house was very noisy and I needed silence.

When I left home, I met Kelly, she wanted to speak to me about my problem with Elba. But I didn’t speak to her.

At home, I went to my bedroom and I watched TV. On TV I watched a film: Jumanji. It’s a very exciting film. [by mariav3a]

While John was watching Jumanji, Kelly was dancing at the disco with Daniel.

Kelly had decided to go to the disco because she was bored at home. When she arrived there, Daniel was sitting in a corner, very sad. She decided to talk to him. At first, Daniel didn’t want to talk to her, but she persuaded him to tell her what the matter was. He said that he had broken off with Elba. Kelly was happy to hear that, because she liked him, but she said she was sorry.

They continued talking for a long time. Then, she said they could go dancing so that he got happier. He agreed, so they started to dance. After dancing for a while, he invited her to a drink and finally they went home, dreaming about that wonderful night of dance.

Next day, Kelly and Daniel met at the school canteen for lunch. When they came in, they saw John and Elba having a coke and a sandwich at a table in a dark  corner. So they decided to sit with them and tell them about the crazy night they had had. John and Elba were happy to hear the news because they had been watching Jumanji together and they had decided to go on with their relation. [the whole group]



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