Posted by: Andrés Armesto Cortiña | 02/12/2009

Differences 18

The next day…

Amairgin, please, don’t say anything… Kenia don’t protest, why should you do it? I need to talk to her! – said Ken.

-OK, but only 10 minutes!

Sara woke up and opened the door. Ken entered the room and he sat down in the bed next to her.

-Look. I’m a stupid… I never tried to hurt you and I don’t know what I did. She tried to kiss me many times. I drank too much, because it was a party and I can’t see the mistake.

He seemed very sorry.

-But you didn’t tell me, didn’t call me…

-I know, I was afraid. She tried to persuade me of breaking up with you, she wanted to be my girlfriend, but I love you. I miss you a lot.

A tear felf from his eyes.

-Ken, I love you…

He tried to kiss her, but…

-Please, I need to think about it. I’ll call you. Bye.

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