Posted by: nonseiainda | 11/11/2009

Blue 18

– I’m going to help you with your power. I will teach you all you must know. I’ll see you tomorrow in my house at number 7, Fish Street at 4 o’clock. Goodbye.

Ares was afraid because he didn’t know if she was a good person or not. He returned home and he began to think. He was in the living room when his mum arrived. She said:

– I know all, Ares.

– What do you know, mum?

– I know you´re a seer.

– And if you know it, why didn’t you tell me?

– Because I don’t want to torture you. Being a seer is not the problem. The problem is that: you’re a wizard.

Ares felt cheated and he went upstairs when…

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