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Differences 6

About 9 in the evening, Ken was at Sara’s house to talk to her about it, but at first he was scared, finally he decided to go anyway…

He stood outside Sara’s door and rang the bell, “DING-DONG”, steps were heard from afar the aisle. Sara’s father opened the door.

– Hi Ken I am glad to see you. My daughter told me what had happened, she does not deserve it, does she?

– I understand it, but now I need to speak to her. Is Sara home?

– Yes, she is here and I want you to speak to her. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go out.

– Thank you very much.

– Saraaaaaa!!!! Someone is waiting for you in the living room. Now I have to go out… Bye-bye.

– Ok, I’m coming… I know who you are… you are Manuel, aren’t you? She said as she was coming down the stairs.

When she arrived to the living room and saw Ken, she began to cry… Ken rose from the sofa and hugged her. She could not believe it. She was angry and she moved away from Ken’s body. She told him: you must go out of my house, I do not want to see you anymore!!! ok?

After a few seconds, Ken went home very sad and Sara went to her room very angry and crying …

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