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Differences 4

Next morning, when Sara left home to go to school, Manuel, Ken’s best friend, was at her door. He said:

-I’ve been waiting for you. I want to tell you the whole truth. You’re right; Cathy lied to you, Ken lied to you and I lied to you too. I’m so sorry.

He told Sara that Cathy wasn’t her true friend, she loved Ken and she would do anything and hurt anyone to get him. Sara couldn’t talk, thousands of tears fell down her cheeks. She took out her mobile phone and she started to write a text message: Ken, I know what happened last Saturday night at San Froilan festival. Forget me, please. Don’t call me, don’t send text messages, don’t look for me. I’m not going to forgive this. Goodbye, forever and ever.

Sara sent the text message, looked at Manuel and embraced him. She really needed a hug.

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