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In her opinion that would not be a good idea. She had been thinking about it the whole night. She hadn’t even slept for an hour. That would not come off well.

Sara was very concerned because her boyfriend hadn’t phoned her. He was with his friends at San Froilan festival all night, and he had completely forgotten about her. The day after, he called her but Sara didn’t answer him. Because she was very angry. He explained he hadn’t phoned because his mobile had run out of battery. Sara is an inocent person and she believed him…

Yes, she believed him. He loved her and she knew… or was she wrong? She didn’t want to doubt about it but Kenia, Sara’s best friend, went to talk to her.

– Sara, I want you to know something about Ken.

– What happens with my boyfriend?

– I saw him last night at San Froilan festival

– ¡Oh…!

– Yes, I regret to tell you that he wasn’t alone. He was hugging a girl and then they kissed. Don’t trust him.

Sara felt depressed and she started to cry, but the bad news didn’t end there.

– Sara, I want to tell you who is the girl who was with Ken because you know her very well. She’s Cathy. [by iriaa9109]

The next day I asked what had happened. Cathy denied everything, that day she had been punished at home. Sara believed her This afternoon when she was in athletics she saw Manuel and she asked why he had lied. He didn’t answer and she didn’t speak again. Sara had to train hard because she had a race on Saturday.

When she finished training, she had a shower, had dinner and went to bed. [by mmaarrttaa]

Next morning, when Sara left home to go to school, Manuel, Ken’s best friend, was at her door. He said:

-I’ve been waiting for you. I want to tell you the whole truth. You’re right; Cathy lied to you, Ken lied to you and I lied to you too. I’m so sorry.

He told Sara that Cathy wasn’t her true friend, she loved Ken and she would do anything and hurt anyone to get him. Sara couldn’t talk, thousands of tears fell down her cheeks. She took out her mobile phone and she started to write a text message: Ken, I know what happened last Saturday night at San Froilan festival. Forget me, please. Don’t call me, don’t send text messages, don’t look for me. I’m not going to forgive this. Goodbye, forever and ever.

Sara sent the text message, looked at Manuel and embraced him. She really needed a hug. [by iriaa9109]

Sara felt that Manuel was her only friend.

He knew that Sara couldn’t go to school that day, she was very sad. Ken and Cathy were at school and she couldn’t see them. Besides, she was crying.

Manuel thought it was a good idea to go and have breakfast with her. On the road they saw Ken, Sara was crying. Manuel tried to speak to Ken but Ken though his girlfriend was unfaithful to him with his friend!

Manuel told Ken it was true, that Sara and he were together!

Sara said nothing and Ken and went to school… crying… [by kaariinaa7]

About 9 in the evening, Ken was at Sara’s house to talk to her about it, but at first he was scared, finally he decided to go anyway…

He stood outside Sara’s door and rang the bell, “DING-DONG”, steps were heard from afar the aisle. Sara’s father opened the door.

– Hi Ken I am glad to see you. My daughter told me what had happened, she does not deserve it, does she?

– I understand it, but now I need to speak to her. Is Sara home?

– Yes, she is here and I want you to speak to her. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go out.

– Thank you very much.

– Saraaaaaa!!!! Someone is waiting for you in the living room. Now I have to go out… Bye-bye.

– Ok, I’m coming… I know who you are… you are Manuel, aren’t you? She said as she was coming down the stairs.

When she arrived to the living room and saw Ken, she began to cry… Ken rose from the sofa and hugged her. She could not believe it. She was angry and she moved away from Ken’s body. She told him: you must go out of my house, I do not want to see you anymore!!! ok?

After a few seconds, Ken went home very sad and Sara went to her room very angry and crying … [by pablovega93]

She cried for the whole night, she loved Ken but the hatred was bigger than the love. She didn’t understand anything she couldn’t feel anything for him when he had been unfaithful. Besides she was feeling something special for Manuel. Sara thought Manuel was the only one she could trust, and she wrote a sms expressing her feelings:

“You’re the only one which I can trust. In the last few days I’ve been feeling some special for you, you’re an amazing person and I want you to know that I love you and I want to know if you feel the same or similar for me.” [by juaan1994]

“YOU AND I can have a relationship and live for ever in my beach house, SARA. Please excuse me, I love you, I want to be with you for all our lives, sorry, please.” [by anthoska]

Sara read the sms. She was very happy, but in her heart she was a bit confused. She loved Manuel and Ken.

Sara didn´t answered this sms. She didn’t knew what was really happening in her heart.

Suddenly, somebody called the door. She run and opened the door. There was a person, and it was very special to Sara, it was Cathy.

Cathy was crying. Cathy hugged Sara, but Sara separated from her. They weren’t friends, they HAD BEEN friends. [by yolyvales]

Then, Sara asked Cathy what the matter was:

-Are you OK, Cathy?



-Because you have taken my boyfriend!

-No, it isn’t true… [by noelia194]

– It is. Don’t lie to me!

Sara didn’t understand why she said that she had taken her boyfriend, but in that moment, she felt a terrible compassion. In her heart knew that the world was very cruel and unfair, and very inside her she knew that the person that was opposite her was sufering with Ken… She looked into Cathy’s eyes and she didn’t forgive her.

“I understand you, Cathy, but I can’t help you… simply I can’t forgive you because you didn’t stop before hurting.”

“I’m sorry” thought Sara. [by cars13]

Cathy went home, she wrote a letter saying she was very sorry. The next morning she sent the letter to Sarah. But it was too late: Sarah would never read it. [by tokolu]

She had an accident but… before the accident something happened. She went to school and saw Ken and spoke to him. They decided to meet at seven o’clock in Dona Vaniri. Then she went to speak to Manuel and Cathy to tell them to go to Dona Vaniri too. There was a school trip the following week they would look for a solution to their problems there.

Sara went home to think about a solution for their problems. [by tokolu]

After thinking and thinking about their problems it was morning. She had everything ready to go on an trip to Italy with the whole class. At nine o’clock the bus arrived. Sara was on the bus next to Manuel and was thinking what she would do. After many stops they finally reached Barcelona. They arrived very tired and fell asleep very fast. When she was in a bed, she heard someone at the door: “Sara open the door I am Ken”. The next thing she heard was the screaming voice of Amairgin: Ken go to bed! [by mmaarrttaa]

Sara was very disappointed because she wanted to talk to Ken. She waited until Amairgin went to bed. At one o’clock in the morning she went to Ken’s bedroom. Sara talked to Ken but he was sleeping. When she was going back to her bedroom Ken opened the door, but she didn’t notice and went to her bedroom. [by albabs]

Ken went to sleep and the next morning he spoke to Sara during the breakfast.

-Hello Sara!

-Hello! Yesterday I wanted to speak to you.

-What did you want?

-I have to confess an important secret to you… [by noelia194]

Eric and Sarah loved each other. They started dating, they went shopping and went to a romantic film. She was worried because he thought he was feeling like a fool. He was threatened before Ken but he liked Sara though she didn’t trust him. Ken didn’t forget she had been his first love. Eric tried to ignore him. He liked Sara and didn’t want to hurt her. Sara found out what happened, but she liked Eric and Ken too. Sara did not know what to do. [by itxs]

The next day…

Amairgin, please, don’t say anything… Kenia don’t protest, why should you do it? I need to talk to her! – said Ken.

-OK, but only 10 minutes!

Sara woke up and opened the door. Ken entered the room and he sat down in the bed next to her.

-Look. I’m a stupid… I never tried to hurt you and I don’t know what I did. She tried to kiss me many times. I drank too much, because it was a party and I can’t see the mistake.

He seemed very sorry.

-But you didn’t tell me, didn’t call me…

-I know, I was afraid. She tried to persuade me of breaking up with you, she wanted to be my girlfriend, but I love you. I miss you a lot.

A tear felf from his eyes.

-Ken, I love you…

He tried to kiss her, but…

-Please, I need to think about it. I’ll call you. Bye. [by Andrés Armesto Cortiña]

Sara could not sleep all night, she could not stop thinking about the conversation she had had with Ken, she did not know what to do. She did not want to hurt Eric, either. But she knew what she really felt for Ken, all that kept her very confused. On the following morning, she was distant, neither Eric nor Ken knew what to do. [by xelaa]

In the evening they met again…

Ken: I love you

Sara: I love you too but I am not quite convinced.

Ken: Are you sure?

Sara: mmmmno…

Ken: But… why don’t you forget about problems and we continue as before?

Sara: I try to but I cannot.

Ken approached her carefully and finally he could kiss her… But Eric saw them, Sara could see him behind Ken and she ran away leaving Ken alone. He could not understand anything.

Ken: What is matter Sara? What are you doing? …come with me, please! [by pablovega93]

Sara was very upset. Eric and Ken were very annoyed with her. The next day when they were having breakfast she tried to talk to them but they left the room and they went to the pool. She felt terrible, she couldn’t believe it now they were friends!

Manuel saw it all and tried to comfort Sara but he couldn’t! [by juaan1994]

Sara was very sad, she had never thought that they would be friends… and now… Manuel was talking to her all morning, he tried to comfort Sara but he couldn’t… She couldn’t believe what was happening. Sara was sure she loved Ken, moreover she had to talk to Eric… she needed to talk about her feelings! [by kaariinaa7]

Sara went to the swimming pool to speak to Ken and Eric. When she arrived, Ken jumped into the water, and Eric waited for her, and they started talking:

Sara: Hi Eric, er…, I´m sorry for all, I want to arrange everything, because I loved you… and Ken! I’m sorry… but these are my feelings: you are very special, but Ken is very funny, handsome…

Eric: Stop Sara! I dont want to talk to you any more! I’m sorry, but I love you, You are the best girl I’ve seen in this world. Ken is one of my best friends, but you are the most important person in the world.

And Eric kissed her. Sara’s heart started to go very fast, and Eric’s heart too. When they opened the eyes, they saw Ken! Ken was very dissaponted and annoyed.

Eric: K-E-N…

And Ken disappeared. [by yolyvales]

Manuel felt that although Sara didnt’t know, because she was very confused, they were made to be together and he couldn’t stand that she suffered for people that didn’t realise what things were like. They were hurting her and Manuel wished to help her. However, he couldn’t do anything. In spite of the fact that Sara was an intelligent person, when the subject was about boys she was clumsy and she didn’t think with her head. Due to that, Manuel was quiet, thinking in silence how he could help her. [by cars13]

MANUEL was going to help, but SARA was suddenly run over by a lorry in front of his eyes and he could do nothing. When he got to her she was dead and MANUEL cried sadly, thinking what he could do with SARA’s body. However he continued crying. Suddenly a thought came to his mind: he was really frightened and said ‘sorry SARA , but I’m going to die with you, I don’t need life, I need you. [by anthoska]



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