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He could hear the rain on the window. He could even feel the grey sky in his mind. Everything was blue inside him.

His name was Ares and he was nervous because this day could be the worst day of his life. The rain resounded in his ears like a hammer. He heard a noise in the hall, his mum returned home. He went downstairs and he saw his mother. She didn’t have a happy face but it was so late. His dad was dead and the sadness was present in the family. Ares and his mum Hera were embraced in the living room and they were crying after receiving the bad news. [by nonseiainda]

Hera hit him. She screamed, cried and looked at him with hatred in her face.

“It’s your fault! Go out!”

Ares opened the door with tears in his eyes and left his mother alone.

Ares wanted to see the house where the Grimlins had killed his father.

Hera was right.

Ares had called the Grimlins, but it had been an accident!

When he got there it was untidy, but without blood on the floor.

The Grimlins are very clean.

Ares sat on a chair in the kitchen with some photographs of his father.

He was crying when… [by gigilita]

…suddenly, he woke up… in this moment of panic and distress our protagonist slept the worst nightmare of his life. He got up to verify if it was real or it had only been what seemed a nightmare. On having seen his parents in bed sleeping, he calmed down and went back to bed. But after an hour something happened that he could never forget. [by barrufet]

The boy noticed what seemed an injury in the arm he did not previously have and did not know how it had been made. But he thought that it had been made while he had had the nightmare during the night. He did not give much importance to it until the day, a few days later, when another mark appeared on the other arm after another nightmare. Then he began to worry because he was afraid of him to continue doing those things. [by victorrf]

That night he did not sleep, he spent the night waiting for something strange to happen. He watched TV, wrote on the computer, listened to music… but everything was quiet. Suddenly, he was sleeping on his bed but some noises in the kitchen made him wake up.

He decided to go dowstairs and… [by lokiita15]

… in a moment he had got a headache and he was dizzy and lost consciousness, then his parents led him to hospital.

Three days later, doctor Thomas said to Ares: You can go home but you should rest for a week.

Ares was concerned for the diagnosis but he didn’t understand it. Ares went to his house when suddenly… [by josemnv]

…a strange person looked at him with a horrible look, them Ares turned. When Ares came home, he went to bed and cried. Hera said : ” Don’t cry”. Then Hera went out and Ares slept. Three hours later, Hera came home and looked at Ares because his eyes were black. Hera cried and phoned doctor Thomas. After half an hour the doctor came. Thomas examined Ares. Thomas took Ares to hospital again. The next day Ares was recovered and then… [by gugliandolo]

…Before walking into the kitchen, his saw a track of footprints which led into the kitchen. He followed the footprints and they didn’t seen to be human. He remembered something about his dreams: The gremlins were not human. Were the Gremlins in his kitchen? It was impossible, but that would explain the marks on his arms. The door was nearly closed and there was light inside. So, he breathed deeply and got close to the door. [by cancerbero93]

But he didn’t go into the kitchen. He was worried because he thought that he could have a serious problem. His mind told him that he shouldn’t go out. He knew that something bad could happen. His eyes were black again. Ares saw information on the Internet and he found a web with information about a seer. He discovered that the he had the same medical problems that the seer had at first. The good news that Ares could receive was that the seer lived in the same city. Ares wanted to go and visit the seer, but he didn’t tell his mother because he preferred Hera didn’t know about this. He was catched the bus when… [by rosulandia]

He saw a tram. He preferred to go by tram to the seer’s home. When Ares was on the tram, he saw that the other people was dressed in strange clothes, old clothes… When he got down the tram, he arrived in another year. Ares was in 1993 (the year when he was born) and he could see all his family. Ares was very scared and he didn’t know what he should do. He was watching the moment when he had been born. His father was there too. Suddenly, he could hear a cry. Ares was born and his family were very happy in that moment. Ares thought that… [by albaa18]

he could use this opportunity to be with his family, but Ares realised that he was in another nightmare and woke up scared.

He started to think what had happened in the nightmare and he searched on the Internet about the visions and he realised that the information on the Internet about the visions was all a confusion in his head and then… [by MARLY YUREISY]

…he went back to bed, but he couldn’t sleep again. He was worried about the strange events of the past few days. Ares started to think if he was becoming mad. He couldn’t explain why this strange things were happening. He thought that all was for his father. Ares hadn’t got over his death. He knew that he had to put up with the pain, but it was really difficult. Ares was very close to his father Zeus and he missed him. [by martiita94]

Ares saw that his mother was very sad, so he wanted to help her. He thought that if they spent more time together, they would be happier.

Then, they spent the all day together, but when the night came, Ares had another nightmare in which her mother was dying, he suddenly woke up, sweating and crying, and didn’t know why this was happening.

He went to his mother’s bedroom and saw that she wasn’t in her bed, then Ares began to look around the house looking for his mother… [by frresita]

Then, Ares thought and decided to seek the seer again. Ares didn’t sleep that night. The next day, Ares took the piece of paper with the address of the seer that he had seen on the Internet, took his bicycle and rode to the seer’s house. Ares arrived to the seer’s house street, but he couldn’t find the seer’s house. Ares was upset and he returned home. But when he entered his room he found his mother waiting and worried. [by juancaaaa]

But suddenly one sunny day everything changed in his life. He went out for a walk in the park that was near his house. Once there he knew the most beautiful girl called Afrodita, they began to speak and she made that Ares didn’t remember his dead father. They exchanged their phone numbers and they arranged to meet the next day at the same place. [by yolibambi]

The next day Ares went to the park and sat on a bench. He started to read a magazine that he had taken with him. After twenty minutes the girl hadn’t arrived… He started to worry so he phoned the girl, but she didn’t answer. He was disappointed, but a child delivered a note from a girl: “I know what has happened to you these last few days… ” Ares was surprised, he crumpled the piece of paper and… [by Lenin]

Suddenly, the girl appeared and she sat next to Ares. She saw the paper on the floor and she asked Ares:

-Why did you throw the piece of paper away?

Ares didn’t know what to say… He said that he had a terrible problem and nobody could help him. She said to Ares that she was the seer and she said that she knew all his problems. Ares was happy because he had found the seer and he thought that he could remove all his problems and he could be a happy child again. But the seer said that… [by albaa18]

– I’m going to help you with your power. I will teach you all you must know. I’ll see you tomorrow in my house at number 7, Fish Street at 4 o’clock. Goodbye.

Ares was afraid because he didn’t know if she was a good person or not. He returned home and he began to think. He was in the living room when his mum arrived. She said:

– I know all, Ares.

– What do you know, mum?

– I know you´re a seer.

– And if you know it, why didn’t you tell me?

– Because I don’t want to torture you. Being a seer is not the problem. The problem is that: you’re a wizard.

Ares felt cheated and he went upstairs when… [by nonseiainda]

… a spirit that I told him the whole truth about his life appeared. He was told that since he was a kid he had had magical powers and that he had inherited them from his father but was reluctant to believe it. Suddenly he made a glass of water levitate and believed. But when he wanted to ask the spirit if he had more powers, the spirit left, never to return. Then he recalled Aphrodite and decided that he would ask her, but… [by virtorrf]

but he didn´t know that the seer was a good person and he decided to meet her in a café near seer’s home. It was five o’clock and Afrodita was there, near the door of the café, waiting for him. They came in and sat down at the back of the café, near the window and far away from people. Ares sighed and asked her about her powers. Afrodita became serious and asked him to lower his voice because they were in a public place.

She told him that he would discover his powers gradually, that he would begin to have visions all the time and he would have headaches, but it would be only until he knew how to control them…[by rosulandia]

If he started telling somebody probably that person would tell it to more people and it wasn’t a thing to tell to the whole world.

Then he decided not to tell anybody until he was controlling well his magic powers. He thought it was fantastic and he was practising his magic powers, until he realized that he had a new power. He could hypnotize people and he discovered it, because he was looking for his parrot, called Aquiles, suddenly, the animal was hypnotized and fell to the ground. To return the parrot to life he had to shout: LAZAROS!

Since he was already dominating the powers he decided to tell Afrodita and… [by yolibambi]

Suddenly, he had a vision of Grimlins. He was afraid, but one of the Grimlins told him that his origin was very antique, he came from the other side of the moon.

Ares asked him why he had to trust him. He said that they were not Grimlins but very important wizards for all. The wizards said that Afrodita was a bad witch. She wanted to steal his powers from him. That was why he had to learn and use his powers quickly so that she could not steal them and turn into the wizard ARES. When Ares recovered from the vision, his mother appeared, but she was carrying something which… [by lokiita15]

… scared him. His mother had a knife in her hand. It shone so much that il blinded his eyes. Ares thought of his father. He missed him. Hera was walking, she was next to the bed. Ares wanted to cry, but he couldn’t, wanted to get up, but he couldn’t. Ares couldn’t understand anything. Everything was very strange. Ares had a headache. Afrodita was with her mum. She laughed and hit her.

-Come on! I haven’t got all day, do you understand? Kill him. NOW!

His mother held up the knife and…. Ares woke up… [by gigilita]

…everything was very strange. He thought that he would solve it later. He decided that he had more important things to do, for example , the problem with Afrodita. She looked an honest person, but maybe, she was lying. Ares didn’t know what he could do to find out the truth. His instinct told him that Afrodita was a good person… Well his instinct… or his heart. In the last days, Ares had started to feel something more than friendship. Ares liked Afrodita. He felt really sad because at first he thought that Afrodita liked him too, but now… Perhaps she was just using him. Recently, the events exceeded him he didn´t know what to do. Maybe he could… [by martiita94]

Maybe it might be a good idea to verify what Aphrodite wanted to do, and this way, save his neck. Ares was an educated and wise person that he could not let himself be carried away by feelings and driven to a bad end. The following day Ares it sought advise from a few friends. [by cancerbero93]

The next day, Ares phoned friends…. but he didn’t kwow why, nobody answered. Later he went to visit a friend that lived nearby… but nobody opened the door. He thought that he did not have anybody to talk to about what was happening. Everything was strange, it was as if all the people that he knew had disappeared. So he decided to talk to her and… [by Lenin]

… ask what had happened, because all the people he knew were missing, when he was controlling his powers in completely. He had so many questions and none of them had an answer. So he needed to speak to Afrodita. He phoned her and asked to see her that afternoon because he wanted to talk about important things. Afrodita was crying, and Ares asked her what the matter was. Afrodita replied that her mother was dead, that someone had killed her and left a note on the table saying that the next would be her… [by frresita]

Afrodita was frightened but Ares tried to comfort her and and then asked if she could speak about his powers. Afrodita said she was not sure, and maybe it was a better idea to meet at half past six in the evening.

When they arrived at the café, they started eating and talking about the strange death of Afrodita’s mother, when suddenly…[by gugliandolo]

… two cars collided outside the café, I could hear the shouts. Then, we left the café to see what was happening. When we reached the pavement, I saw two destroyed cars. I was surprised because cars drive at low speed in this street. We also saw two men on the floor, their clothes were stained with blood. Afrodita phoned an ambulance. But, that wasn’t all… people had gone mad!!! [by juancaaaa]

Ares could see a few tears falling from Afrodita’s eyes, and he wanted to comfort her but he couldn’t. They were speaking about the different possibilities of who could have killed her mother, but they didn’t know… and now that strange accident… at that moment Ares had a vision… [by MARLY YUREISY]

In his vision, he could see a dead person in a bath. This  bath seemed the bath of his home but… who was the dead person? Ares was very scared and he didn’t know the reason of that vision. He tried to see the face of the dead person but it was impossible. Ares told Afrodita his vision and they ran to Ares’s home. When they arrived, they climbed the stairs and they went to the bathroom but at that moment everything was normal. Suddenly Ares heard a noise in the hall. They walked down the stairs slowly and they could see a strange man. They were very afraid and… [by albaa18]

He decided to go and talk to the strange man and tell him that he was in danger. When Ares went to speak to him, the man was surprised. He talked to him about his vision and the man said:

-But are you a seer, then?

-Yes, I am a seer. Maybe you don’t think I am.

The man laughed and told him that he didn’t have time to listen to his stories. The man started to walk and he left the house. Suddenly, Ares shouted:

-Wait a moment! Who are you? But the man started to run and he couldn’t hear Ares…[by rosulandia]

Ares didn’t pursue him, he was too afraid and too tired. He went upstairs and he lied down on his bed and he began to think about the strange man. Quickly he fell asleep.

The next day Ares had dreamt of the strange man. Was he a seer? Was he a wizard? What was he? He got up and he went downstairs. He went into the kitchen and he saw his mother. He said:

– Hi mum, how are you?

– I’m fine thanks, and you?

– I’m not very well. I’ve got a headache.

Suddenly a bottle of jam began to levitate and then it fell on the floor and broke. Hera was very surprised when she saw that and Ares left his house and ran to see Afrodita. [by nonseiainda]

Ares went to Afrodita’s house but he saw a man in black clothes on the road and he cried because he appeared to have a revelation. In a moment the sun disappeared and them the man disappeared too; he felt a shiver, and suddenly… [by josemnv]

…he saw the man in the street again and he thought he had recognized him, so he decided to follow him. When suddenly he felt a new shiver and them the man disappeared one more time. [by aitorbaamonde]

Ares didn’t know what was happening to him, he was afraid that he would eventually go crazy. He walked towards Afrodita’s home, because he needed to talk to her. He felt safe with her, trusted her, because Afrodita was his friend, but Ares didn’t feel  just a simple friendship towards her, he felt something stronger than that, could Ares be in love with Afrodita? [by frresita]

Ares was very confused. Suddenly, Afrodita appeared behind him.
-Hi, Ares! Oh, dear! don’t worry, love…
-What’s going on?
-Dear, come with me and I’ll tell you – said Afrodita in a sweet voice.

Afrodita took his hand and took him to an abandoned house.

-Why are we here? I want to go home!

-Shut up! Look at this door, Ares. This is  the solution to your problems: it connects our world and their word.

-Why are there four buttons? – Ares tried to touch the yellow buttom.

-NO! er….not yet. I’ll explain. The red buttom cancels every possibility to connect with the Underworld. The black button kills all the people who can have a connection with other worlds. The blue button, cancels the visions of those who push it. It’s the best for you, right?

-I suppose so. Sorry, Afrodita, and what is the function of this buttom? – said Ares pointing to the yellow buttom. Ares felt this color had something special for him.

-Er… I don’t know, but I think its use is restricted. Which one will you choose?- Afrodita knew the blue button would kill anyone who pushed it, and the yellow one would kill her and give powers to the person who pushed it… Hurry up, Ares! We don’t have all day!

Ares looked at Afrodita, and was going to push when… [by gigilita]

…he turned around. He knew that Afrodita wasn’t telling the truth. Ares didn’t believe what she said. He decided to say goodbye to her and go home.

When he arrived home her mum was waiting  for him. She wanted to talk to him because she was really worried about the last events. But Ares didn’t want to talk to his mum and he told her that he had a headache and he wanted to rest in his bedroom. He went upstairs and he lay down on the bed. Ares was sad because he knew that Afrodita was telling him a lie but he didn’t want to believe. He was thinking about this when… [by martiita94]

… his phone rang. It was Afrodita, who told him to come back to the door, but he did not want to because he thought she was lying. She insisted on it and he went there. When he arrived, she spoke to him but he did not trust her again.

He decided to finish, he did not doubt he loved Afrodita but Afrodita did not deserve him. He touched the blue button and then Afrodita shouted:

– No, please, do not do that.

Ares stared at her eyes with a big smile and said:

– Good bye, Afrodita. I LOVE YOU.

He pushed the blue buttom strongly and a big explosion of fire and light made everything disappear. [by lokiita15]



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