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Just Another Day

The alarm went off at eight o’clock, as usual. She got up and had a shower. Everything seemed to be OK. It was just another day.

The sun was hiding and it was cloudy, so she was angry. She didn’t like cloudy days. She preferred sunny and warm days. The weather was very important for Susan: it determined the fourteen-year-old girl soul. But although the weather was bad, she was forced to go to school, that was located at far side of the city, so she took the bus every day. But the bus sometimes didn’t appear, so she was obliged to walk to school. When Susan arrived to school she was very tired, so she didn’t pay attention to the teachers’ explanations.

Maths was her favorite subject at school. Susan loved the numbers and all the operations that she could do with them. Although she loved maths, she hated her teacher, a young man that was disagreeable with her, so she didn’t like him. But today, she didn’t have maths, so there wasn’t any problem. At the last class, the Biology teacher didn’t turn up, so there was a free hour. When all the class students were speaking, including Susan, a footsteps sound filled the classroom: the maths teacher had arrived. All the girls and the boys stopped speaking. [by rUb]

When the maths teacher came in, everybody became silent. They were astonished, including Susan. She looked up at the teacher and he looked back at her. Then the teacher began to shout at Susan for talking so loud “even though she was not the only one that was talking because everybody was talking”. She didn’t understand why the teacher was only looking at her. She couldn’t believe it, it looked as if it was only her fault. When he finally stopped shouting at her, he looked at the rest of the class. And said:

-Take your books out! And do the following exercises! [by noeeemi]

Susan felt sad. The teacher of mathematics punished her, because she had spoken for a moment to Charles. The class seemed very long. She wanted to ask all that was staying and the teacher shouted so much, that almost made her cry.

When the class ended, the teacher asked her to do extra work as a punishment. On her way home, she was accompanied by Charles and they talked about the teacher of mathematics. They decided that they would talk to the director in the afternoon, as they had class, and they would tell her what had happened. [by kas14]

In the afternoon Susan and Charles talked to the director and told her that the teacher of Maths had shouted to them and the director said:

-I’ll talk to Kate, don’t worry!

The director went outside and talked to Kate and she said:

-I’m sorry! I don’t have a good day.

Kate told Susan and Charles and apologized to them.

And Susan says:

-You should apologize to the rest of the class. [by LuCHy]

The next day, Kate, the maths teacher, went to the classroom as she did everyday, and she said she was sorry about what had happened the day before. After that, she carried on with the class just like any other normal day. Susan and Charles were surprised because the teacher didn’t set any homework for next day. When the class finished the maths teacher asked Susan and Charles:

– How did today’s class go on? [by noeeemi]

Susan and Charles were going to answer when suddenly the bell rang and all the children ran to the playground. When Susan tried to catch Charles’ hand, he wasn’t in the classroom but he was not in the playground either. She realised that Charles had disappeared.

Susan said:

-Charles, where are you!?

But he never answered.

Now Susan had an important mission: to find her friend Charles but she didn’t know where to look for him. [by arleet2]

When the class finished, Charles went to collect Michael (his best friend) because they had arranged to meet two girls called Alexandra and Nathalie. Michael was the one that was driving the moped. He was driving very fast and he was tired and when he realised he was in hospital. His parents and Charles were there when he woke up.

-What happened?- He asked

-We had an accident and you were in coma for two days- Charles answered.

-Really? I can’t remember anything.

Edward, Michael’s father told Charles to leave, he was very angry. So he left.

When he left the room he saw Susan and he went to talk to her.

-Hi Susan!

She dind’t answer. She dind’t want to talk to him. One minute later she said:

-Why you dind’t you call me these last few days? [by carmen527]

At the moment, a whole conversation came to his mind:

“-Because Michael and me had an accident.

-What? Who’s Michael?

-Michael is my best friend, he was driving the moped and he woke up today, he was the last two days in coma.” [by sehbaoui]

But he remained quiet for at least twenty seconds until he answered the question:

-I’m sorry. I was afraid –he answered.

Susan told him:

-Why? You didn’t do anything wrong, did you?

Suddenly he started to cry.

-I told him to go faster because we wouldn’t arrive on time.

When he said this Michael’s father was listening him and he said:

– You aren’t a good friend. You only care about arriving early. [by LuCHy]

Charles felt so ashamed that he blushed.

“It’s true”. He said in tears. “I admit, I don’t have any character. I was only thinking of myself. I never thought we’d have an accident. I got carried away and I nagged Michael to go faster and faster. It started to rain but I didn’t care. I only wanted to see the girls.”

Just as he spoke , a nurse came out of Michael’s room.

“Which of you is Michael’ s father? I need to have a word with you in private.” [by isaknight95]

Michael continues KO, Susan is very sad because Michael is KO.

-How muck time will Michael continue in that state? thinks Susan, but it’s even worse…

…They say that Michael has had a heart attack. [by andree21]

Unfortunately they couldn’t do anything for him. He died. Charles called Susan and said:

– Michael has died. Do you want to come with me to the burial?

– Ok. If you want, we can go together.

– Ok. Thank you. It’s very important for me.

The next day, they went together to the burial. Charles was very sad and Susan tried to encourage him . After the burial, they went to Charles’s house. Suddenly Charles asked her:

– Why do you care so much about me?

– Because you’re very special for me

And that which everybody thought just happened… [by andrea4ever]

The next day, as usual, Susan went to school. During the way, Susan thought about all the sensations that she had felt the day before: she was sorrowful and she felt desolation, because Michael, her best class partner’s best friend had died; she felt something strange when she was with Michael, and she didn’t know what it meant. So, she didn’t want to find him. This was a difficult situation for her.

When she arrived to school, she passed unnoticed at Charles’s eyes, but when the classes finished Charles saw Susan. She saw him and she started to walk faster. Charles imitated her and followed her until she disappeared among the students. He looked for Susan, but he didn’t find her. Charles had clear that Susan didn’t want to see him, it was obvious, but he didn’t know why.

After running away far from Charles, Susan started to cry. She felt bad because she had hidden from Charles, her best friend until this moment. When she was crying and thinking of Charles a group of girls of an upper year of the school arrived in front of her. They made fun of her and she felt unfortunate and defenceless. The group of girls called for the rest of the students to see Susan crying. The students grouped to see the show. Susan didn’t know what do and she thought: If Charles was here, this would not happen. [by rubeen14]

At last Charles appeared. Charles had been thinking about what had happened and wanted to find Susan:

-I think I prefer to be your friend, Susan. Because love finishes and friendship is forever.

Susan nodded. Perhaps Charles was right and it was better to stop things like that.

The next day everything went on normally, although they missed their friend Michael. When the classes finished, they went to drink a Cola. The café was packed, there wasn’t a free table, so they decided to take it in the drinks machine and go to the park to talk. [by staywithmee]

The next day Charles didn’t go to school.They had maths class.When Kate arrived she saw that Charles wasn’t at school. She asked Susan:

-Where is Charles?

Susan told her what had happened.The class finished.

Susan went home and she phoned Charles:

-What’s the matter?

Charles answered:

-I am very ill. I must go to hospital.

Quickly, Susan went to the hospital… [by dddaviddd]

After getting to the hospital, Susan talked to Charles’s mother. She told her that her son was in hospital because he had gone into a coma. Susan was worried about Charles and she spoke to one of Charles’s friends, Tim. He told her that he was deeply affected by the things that were happening about her and his best friend, Charles, and he also told her all the problems that he had, that he had started to drink alcohol and other substances…

After this, Susan went to see Charles, fortunately she had recovered from coma and she could talk to him. They agreed to speak about their relationship when he was OK.

Three days later, Charles left the hospital. At the beginning, Susan didn´t want to be with him but in the end they had a conversation and they started to be a couple. [by annndrea]

In the morning Susan talked to her father. Her father asked Susan if Charles had now recovered from coma. Susan answered that he had recovered and was well now. The father asked again: where were you yesterday afternoon?

– I was talking to Charles. He says he’s feeling very well now. Today I want to visit him at four o’clock to give him a surprise. Susan’s father agreed to let her visit Charles. [by toninogugliandolo]

Susan came at four o’clock but she could not see Charles. The doctor told her that just now they were vaccinating him, and that he should return in five minutes. When five minutes passed, Susan returned and she could speak to Charles.

– How are you? –asked Susan.

At this moment Charles fainted. They sounded the alarm in the hospital and Susan was sad. The nurses were a little late in coming there. Susan was separated at this room and Charles was taken to a special room. [by kas14]

Then Susan told Charles’s mum and his mum didn’t do anything. Susan called Kate and the teacher said:

– We’re coming to the hospital just now.

When the call finished the doctor told Susan that everything was going well and that this attack was normal in his state. And Susan asked:

– Can go and see him?

When the teacher arrived Susan explained to him that Charles’s mum didn’t want to come to the hospital to see to his son. And at that very moment the teacher called Emma, Charles’s mum. [by LuCHy]

Charles’s mother told the teacher:

– In the last few days my son is having a very bad time because of all that has happened to him. I am not going to see him because I am not in the city.

– But that is not an excuse for not going to see your son – said the teacher

– Sorry, I haven’t told you that I’m getting divorced from Charles’s father, and I don’t want to cause more trouble to my son. [by noeeemi]

It was strange news, they always looked very happy together.

That evening, Kate was walking across the park, when suddenly she saw a man who was familiar to her, but he wasn’t alone. He was with Michael’s mother and the man was Charles’s father and they were kissing. She was very surprised so she ran away. She thought: “What can I do?, I can’t tell anybody”

Three days later, she was at the shopping centre and met Charles’s mother who had come back. She was very pale and her eyes were red.

“What happened to you?” Kate asked, “Are you worried about Charles?”.

“Yes, I am and I also have problems with Charles’s father”.

“What’s the problem with him?”

“He’s with another woman, and he’s leaving us for her”

“I’m so sorry. Come with me and we’ll have a cup of coffee, we can talk for a while”

After the coffee, Emma (Charles’s mother) decided to visit his son at the hospital. [by carmen527]

Charles suffered side effects with the vaccine… Charles had a headache. Susan went to the hospital in order to see Charles. Susan asked Charles how he was feeling. Charles said that he felt as if he was dying. [by dgparga]

On the following day the doctor came. The doctor entered Charles’s room and said to him that he was not going to die, that he was going to recover shortly. [by deividlugo]

Susan was there with Charles when the doctor said that in one or two days he would go home. Charles was happy that finally he could get out: he could not bear to stay one more day there. Charles’s mother and the maths teacher were happy because Charles had improved. Susan did not know what to do if something worse had happened to Charles. Susan had very strong feelings for Charles but did not know… [by αиgιε]

Two days later, Charles left the hospital. Susan could only think in her best friend and in his family situation. When Charles arrived home he would realise that his parents were on the point of separation and she didn’t know what Charles’s reaction would be.

In Charles’s home all the family was very happy for him:

-Charles again at home! Welcome!

All the people acted as if nothing was happening. But when the night fell his dad left the house and Charles and his mum stayed alone:

Charles, said Emma, we have to talk about your dad. [by arleet2]

“Oh mum I don’t know if I can take this. I love you both but dad… he’s so unreliable. Why do you put up with him? If I were you, I’d tell him to decide, either stay with Michael’s mum or come home to us. No more fooling around!

“It’s not that easy, Charles. I’m scared. What if he chooses that bitch? I don’t want to make him decide. And we were so happy together…”

“Cut it out mum! You know he’s no good, even though I say it myself. You can’t go on like this. Take my advise. I don’t want him to make you suffer.” [by isaknight95]

Charles’s parents separated. Charles went away with her mother Emma, but his father Avelino kept the house and the car. Charles and Emma had to go to Susan’s house. [by dgparga]

Ideally, mother left father as soon as possible. You know everything.

– Some days ago I saw you with that gentleman in the park.

– Who was it?

– My son, it was really a friend of mine

– Just a friend or something else? You have left it with father and it will be difficult.

– Son, but you will always be with me…

– But … [by andrea4ever]

“In my heart, because I think you should be with your mother while we fix the issue.” The son was unhappy with her mother telling her what happened.

The mother saw her son in that state, decided to pick up the phone and call the father to tell him he could see his son when wanted to.

Avelino decided to go to visit her son and his wife a few days later. He took them to the movies, and watched a film that reflected the history of their parents.

After the movie, they were all excited and tried to solve Avelino’s problem. [by sehbaoui]

Nevertheless, Charles, in desperation, decided to go talk to Susan.

-I need your help, Charles said

-Please, calm down, and tell me step by step.

Susan thought very positively about her feelings for Charles, but every time she looked at Charles she turned red.

-My parents separated, my mother has problems at work, and my studies are increasingly worse.

-Don’t worry… [by iisaH]

As the son in a film he had seen had helped his parents to fix things, Charles, decided to do the same. He decided to make his parents meet in the same room until they fixed it and not let them out. He knew they would not marry again being only a few minutes there locked up, but he had hope. He used to say: ONE SHOULD NEVER LOSE HOPE.

As he could not do it alone, he sought help from Susan who helped him very happy.

There were Charles’s parents in the same room … [by iisaH]

In the morning Charles talked to Susan on the telephone. Charles never wanted to be his mother’s plague. Charles’s father listened to the conversation. Avelino came in his former wife’s room. She looked at him and started to argue. Charles was sad and put down the phone. [by toninogugliandolo]

Susan said to Charles that it was better to allow his parents to speak about their things. Although he felt that they were his parents and he must help. But it was better to do what she said. Susan decided to change the subject, in order that Charles was not sad and she said:

– Want to go to the cinema with me?

Charles: Errr… of course. What movie is it?

Susan: The Brotherhood of Blood.

Charles: It’s going to be funny. [by αиgιε]

The next day, in the evening, Susan and Charles went to the cinema.

Charles asked:

-Do you want some pop-corn?

And Susan answered:

-Yes, of course! Thanks.

After, in the coming of the cinema they looked in their eyes.

They entered the cinema.

-The film is great! -said Charles.

And Susan replied:

-Yes, it’s ok.

At the end of the film, he decided to kiss her. They were happy together. And finally, he took her out for a meal, and she accepted. In the restaurant, when Charles went to the toilet for a minute, Susan dissappeared. What had happened? Lately everything was very strange…! [by staywithmee]

Charles waited for twenty minutes but she didn’t come from the toilet. He decided to talk to the waiter.

-Have you seen the girl that was with me?

-Oh, yes, I saw her. She left the restaurant with two men.

-What were the men like? -asked Charles.

-One of them was very tall and thin, his skin was very dark; and the other was strong and short, and he was wearing a hat.

-OK, thanks.

He left the restaurant very worried. He didn’t know what to do. [by carmen527]

Charles was surprised. Susan had left the restaurant, because had gone home. Their parents had argued and her faher had hurt his mother. Charles did not know what had happened and was angry with Susan. [by deividlugo]

Susan told Charles what had happened and Charles forgave her. Susan’s father was in jail and Susan’s mother had recovered from the bruises. Susan, trying to protect her mother, had received a blow on her head. Charles was sad because his family had gone through a similar situation, though not so violent. He did not know that he still had something else to discover. [by dgparga]

When he got home the phone was ringing. As soon as he picked it up it went dead and he thought no more about it. It rang again. “Charles speaking,” he answered and the phone went dead again. “that’s strange” he thought. He looked at the number and it was a private number. Then it rang again. “Charles, this is very difficult. I need to talk to you, but I can’t tell you on the phone.” It was a man voice, and he sounded about Charles’s age, in fact he sounded just like Charles… [by annndrea]

The next day the phone rang again. Charles picked it up and answered:

-Who is it?

-I am Manolo, Susan’s brother. I’m phoning because Susan is very sad.

-What’s the matter?

-She has received a blow on her head.

-I know, is she OK?

-No, she is in hospital, she can die. Charles I need your help. I want to kill his father.

-You are crazy. You are going to go to jail if you do it.

-We’ll meet at the park, near the hospital to talk about it and we’ll go and see your sister at seven o’clock… [by dddaviddd]

…Then he said that it was better to meet at another place. They met at the park at 22:00. Everything was very dark, Charles was starting to be afraid. Suddenly, all the ravens started to make noise on a tree. Charles did not stop to look everywhere. Suddenly, he started to run, but a voice stopped him: “Wait a moment, Charles.” [andree21]

A day later, Charles and Manolo met in the park, as it had been agreed.

Manolo was very annoyed and although Charles tried at all times to calm him, every effort was useless. He needed revenge, but it seemed too cruel to hurt his own father. After being thinking for a while, they decided to enter the hospital to see how his friend and his sister were, respectively.

When they entered the room, Susan smiled at them, so that they thought she was strong. Then, she said:

-Manolo, I need you to leave me alone with Charles for a moment, we must to deal with a very important matter. So, please, leave the room early. [by staywithmee]

Manolo left the room and Susan started to talk to Charles.

– Charles, I want to talk to you because …

– Ok, but first I must tell you something about us.

– What’s the matter, Charles?

– Well, I have received a scholarship to study in France and I want to go so I think we must split up.

– But I love you Charles and I want to be with you.

– I know and I feel the same but I want to study in France and we can’t be together. I’m sorry, Susan. Now I must go home to prepare my trip, I’m going to take the plane tomorrow and I want to be with my mother this evening. Goodbye.

Charles left the room and Susan started to cry.

– I hate you, Charles – Susan shouted.

The next day, Charles and his mother were at the airport and Susan came as well, because she wanted to say sorry to Charles.

– I love you, Susan, and I don’t want to leave you but it’s going to be very good for us. I will come in 3 months, for Christmas, and I’ll see you and we’ll talk.

– It’s Ok Charles..

-I must leave now, my plane leaves in 5 minutes. Goodbye Susan.

-Goodbye Charles, be happy in France

Charles said goodbye to his mother too and he boarded the plane but 20 minutes after this he had an accident and died. When Susan received the news she started to cry again and she decided to commit suicide because she was very sad. Charles’ parents decided to start their relationship again because they were very sorry and they felt very sad too. [by carmen527]



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