Posted by: amairgin | 02/10/2009

Another World

It was five o’clock in the afternoon and he had got a temperature. He had been sick for the last two days and he was fed up with it by now. The doctor had said: “you’ll have to be in bed for two or three days”. At the moment that didn’t seem too bad: three days without school, but now…

…I was bored, did not know what to do, had a very strong headache and could not read anything or play any game on my new game console. My mother was all day glued to me, I told stories, talked …

After three days of being sick, not happening anything new to me, she even took me to hospital, where I made many tests and they said they would know the result of the tests in five days.

I went home, I went back into bed, I put the thermometer and had 39 º C, I felt no desire for anything. I was nervous because in five days they would give me the result of the tests.

I suffered a very severe pain in my head and felt a sharp pain in the lower back.

Four days passed, people became more and more nervous, still none of the symptoms had disappeared. That afternoon I fell asleep for the first time in the week I had been ill. [by roymou]

On the next morning, after sleeping for the first time in that week, I put the thermometer again and the temperature had not gone down, I felt very tired, the headache was continue…what a torture!, and my mother said that I couldn’t return to school until they were giving me the results of the tests.

Then I called Phil, my best friend, but he didn’t answer, also I called Lewis who didn’t answer either.

Where were they all? Did nobody remember me? No visits, no calls… it was as if I was living in another world… [by lauritaa]

Well, as I said, to be sick is like a torture. My temperature was 39º and I felt very badly. I was very tired and I decided to sleep. The time was 10:15 am. I got up at 11:00, because my mother returned from work.

I got up and went to the living room to watch TV. Suddenly my mobile rang, it was a new text message.

The text message said:

Did you forget that I was even alive?

Why you haven’t you phoned me?

Please phone me, I want to speak to you

Love, Emily

This is a very weird situattion, who is Emily? I don’t remeber anyone called Emily. I was surprised and I decided to answer the text message.

Who you are? I can’t remember you. Maybe you are mistaken. Please answer.

I was waiting, but that girl, Emily, didn’t answer. [by Jairaaa.]

Emily… I don’t remember her but…

I can’t sleep. It’s nine o’clock. I’ve got a terrible headache. I’m going to the kitchen to have breakfast. I hate staying at home every day. I’m going to the beach because I need to think about all my things. It’s a rainy day. Mum is going to kill me when I arrive but now she isn’t here and I need go out of my bedroom.

There is nobody in the street, it’s strange. Now it starts to rain. I arrive at the beach. It’s very cold here. Someone is walking near the sea. It’s a girl. She is very cute. She has got long, blond hair. She’s wearing a long white dress and black shoes. She is looking at me. Her eyes are very strange. She’s crying. Suddenly someone appears and the girl runs but the other person catches her and then they disapear.

My mobile is ringing, I have a new message. It’s from Emily. It says:

Please, help us!

You are the one. All of us are lost.

Please, help us! [by inescv]

This is very strange. Who is the person that took Emily? I’m very afraid, what can I do? My mobile rang:

I need your help, please, help us!

Help us? But I only know who Emily is. How many people are also endangered? I took my mobile and I wrote:

Are you all right? How many people are with you?

And suddenly I saw a car speeding, Emily was inside and she was screaming. I ran after the car, but it was very fast and I couldn’t catch. [by Jairaaa.]

After what had happened, I came back home, and there was my mother who scolded me because I wasn’t in bed. I went to my room, I went to bed and fell asleep.

A few minutes later the phone rang, it was an unknown number. I answered:


Nobody answered, but suddenly I heard a shout and they put the phone down. [by lauritaa]

I stayed awake for a while. I didn’t know who Emily was, but I supposed she was the girl on the beach. How could I help her? I tried to go to sleep because I was very tired and I had a temperature. I dreamed about the girl on the beach, I could hear the sea and I could hear her screams.

Suddenly I woke up. It was five o’clock in the morning and I felt cold. I looked out of the window. It was very foggy, but I decided I had to go to the beach to find the answer to this mystery. Was I hallucinating because of my temperature or was she real?

I left the house quietly. I walked along the empty streets to the beach. It was so foggy I couldn’t see anything or anybody. At last, I arrived to the beach. I couldn’t hear anything, but suddenly I heard a scream. It was a girl. It was… the girl on the beach!! I called her:


She looked at me and didn’t say anything. She only disappeared again. I was alone again.

Then I saw a boat in the sea, and who was there? Emily!! Someone was carrying her into the boat and she was screaming and crying. [by beaad]

I took my phone and called Emily. But Emily didn’t answer my call. I looked some other time at the sea, but the boat wasn’t there. I went home. But when I arrived home, my mother wasn’t there. Where was my mother?

In my bedroom I called Phil again, but Phil didn’t answer my call. I needed my friends and my family. I read a comic about Spiderman. Then I tried to watch TV but the TV wasn’t working.

My phone rang. I read the text messange:

I need you. I’m going to New York. Do you need me? love, Emily

New York? New York is very far away… [by mariav3a]

I was feeling a great curiosity to know what was going on. I live in London and travelling is very difficult for me. I was watching TV as a distraction and I had an idea: I could win a trip to New York on a TV programme. The programme was a quiz show and the judges would give me the trip. My parents and I would go to New York for a cultural visit and a holiday, but I would go for Emily. We’d go to New York on a plane. We’d stay in New York for seven days. [by andres#69]

I had a problem: I needed my parent’s opinion because I am under 18. But my mother wasn’t in the house and I didn’t know where I could find my mother.

My telephone rang again: it was my sister! It was a text message:

Where is my sister? I went to the house because I wanted to visit you but you weren’t in the house. Call me.

I decided to phone my sister because I needed her help.

When I phoned her, a man answered… [by patriciamr]

– Hello, who are you?

– Do not say anything. I have kidnapped your sister. If you call the police your sister will die.

– OK but do not do anything to her.

– I want 2 million Euros. I want them in less than 24 hours. [by supercristian]

What was happening? I thought. Who was that man who was answering the phone? The man told me that my sister had been kidnapped and they wanted a great sum of money. On the contrary my sister would die… I was terrified what could I do? My parents weren’t at home at that moment and I couldn’t call the police… [by valeriojorge]

…I was worried and frightened. I couldn’t talk to my parents. What I could do? I couldn’t get the money. My phone rang. It was Emily, but I didn’t answer.

Suddenly, my parents arrived and I was anxious because I could’t speak to them… The kidnappers phoned me. What did they want?… [by sandra24ma]

They were very angry. Time was going on and they didn’t have any information about their money. I was alone and I had to find a solution by myself. Suddenly I remembered that my aunt had served in the Army some years ago and she could be a great help in this situation. I phoned her…

– Aunt! I need your help!

– Dear! What is going on? You are so anxious. Please, try to stay calm and tell what happens.

– Something terrible has happened. I can’t spend more time talking. Come here and I will explain everything! [by borjafb]

When she arrived, I told her all about my sister. She did not believe me, but I showed her the messages and she could check my information. We decided to try to locate my sister’s kidnappers.

I got a call from a private number. They told me: “the time is 20:00″. [by ivi999]

I was very anxious because my sister wasn’t with me. I and my aunt called the police but I was afraid and put down the phone. I went to the beach with aunt and my phone. My phone rang: it was a call from the kidnapper:

-Hello. Have you got the money?

-No, I haven’t.

-You have to get the money and leave it on the paper in the cafe “The sun of June”.



We can’t see how to get the money. We went to my house and watched TV all the time. In the news they said:

“A kidnapper is a man devil. He has caught a girl, her name is Paula. She’s 18 years old and she lives in a house near the beach. She has got long hair and blue eyes”.

….. [by mariav3a]

The news talked about my sister! I told my aunt, the police arrived, they took us to police station and made us some questions.

When we arrived home the door was open, we entered slowly, and saw that the furniture was broken, the drawers open, clothes on the floor…we ran to my parents’ room, and we found that the safe was open and empty, they had stolen all the money we had!

The phone rang, it was another call from the kidnappers:

-Have you the got the money?

-Not yet…

-You’ve seen what we did with in your house, we are capable to do anything. Get the money!

-I want to talk to my sister!

-Ok. Paula!


-Paula! How are you?

-Well…the kidnappers are really bad, and I’m with another girl, her name is Emily.


-Give me the phone! You’re talking a lot to your brother!

-Paula? Are you there?

-Get the money! Or your sister and the other girl… you know what I mean.

Oh my god! I was really confused! Was Emily with my sister? I didn’t know what I could do… the only way was getting the money, but how? [by lauritaa]

The brother decided to go and rescue her. That night he called a friend who was a policeman to help him with the rescue. Then the police called the Special Operations Department so that the next day they could go to the house where the girls were kidnapped and rescue them. The next morning the Special Operations police officers came to the rescue of the two girls, but they weren’t in that house, because the kidnappers had realized and escaped before the police reached the place. [by supercristian]

The parents called the police, even if they knew the kidnappers could kill the two girls. They told the police:

– Help us, please, we do not have much money in the bank!

The police replied:

– How much do you need?

– Three million

The police said they could give the kidnappers counterfeit money, they had around five million. The parents agreed. But when they were delivering the money to the kidnappers they realized that the police was around and left. [by sarawuex]

The police came into the house, searched every where and they went back to the police station without sucess. The kidhappers called Jack to tell him to give then the money. He had to be in a bar downtown at four o’clock.

He went to the bar at four o’clock and a boy told him he had to leave the money in a bin in the bathroom. The kidhappers would check everything and then they would free the the two girls downtown. If the money wasn’t there they would be hurt.

Jack left the money.

At five he went downtown and he got a phone call from the kidhappers. They said that the girls would go to the same bar. When he got to the bar… [by sandra24ma]

…I was waiting there, downtown, for an hour (but for me it was like a day)…

Suddenly, I saw Emily, she ran to me and told me: “Jack! Quick, we must run. The kidnappers are close to us.” We ran. I was very happy because Emily was there with me, but an idea arrived to my mind and I said: “Emily, wait, wait! Where’s my sister?”

She answered: “What? I think she was with me when I saw you, where is she?” I said: “We must go back downtown, we must go back for my sister!… [by Jairaaa.]

We ran downtown but when we arrived there wasn’t anyone. They couldn’t be very far. Emily and I looked for the kidnappers through all streets but we couldn’t find anyone. Emily was tired so we went to a café to eat a sandwich.

We talked about something to do to rescue Paula but we didn’t know anything to do.

The kidnappers had Paula but… why? I couldn’t understand. We left all the money in the bar. Suddenly Emily told me :

– Jack, look there, in that window! There’s the kidnapper I can recognize his face!

– We must go there to find Paula!- I said. Paula, I need to rescue my sister, but how?… [by inescv]

…We looked everywhere, but found no one …We did not know what to do, we were desperate. When we went to take a taxi to go home, we realized I had lost my wallet.

– Now what can we do? I said desperately.

Emily did not know what to do, I kept thinking that the kidnappers were close and she was in danger if we stayed there … Suddenly I turned around and saw my sister there at the next turn of the street. I had never been happier. [by lidiarodri]

I had started to think that the kidnapers were not going to free my sister and I could hear Emily saying that we had to run. I didn’t understand why Emily didn’t want to rescue my sister.

Suddenly, Emily’s phone rang:

– I am with Jack. We’re going to the house.

– Ok, Emily. We have to have brother and sister together because the recue money will be more. [by patriciamr]

Who was talking to Emily? She called another person and said:

-Now! Quickly!

Suddenly a lot of men grabbed me and put me in a car, they were the kidnappers and Emily was their accomplice!

Fortunately the police arrived and arrested the kidnappers and Emily. But I got a good surprise, a girl came out of the police car, she started to ran to me and hugged me really tight, it was my sister! I couldn’t believe it!

-Paula! I was really worried! But now you’re here with me!

-Oh, Jack! My little brother! You saved me! How can I thank you all that you did for me?

-First, we are going to home and we’ll eat a pizza, and then… but one thing I don’t know where mum and dad are!

-They left a note in the kitchen to say they were going to our grandparents’ house in France for a week! Didn’t you see it? And they told us about it a few days ago, stupid!

-Sorry… and do they know what has happened?

-Yes, and I think that they’re at home, so we must run and see them.

-Ok! Let’s go!

When we arrived home, mum and dad weren’t at home, we sat on the sofa, and suddenly:

-Surprise! Oh my daughter and my son! Are you well?- said my mum.

-Yes mum.

-Jack you saved Paula! Oh my god, you don’t now how I love you and how scared I was and you’re mother think sthe same- said my father, and he started to cry.

I’m really happy to be with my family again, and my life continues calmly and happily, with my dear sister and my parents. I was really lucky!



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