Posted by: inglor | 12/06/2009

A Brand New Day 31

In the morning, Anais was really angry and wanted revenge on Felisa, she was out of jail for her revenge. Anais took out his wand and pointed to Felisa. Felisa was afraid to act seeing Anais in that fashion.
– What are you doing? – Asked Felisa really worried.
– This is my revenge – Anais replied furiously.
Felisa was really afraid when she heard her words.
Manolo came running and said: What are you doing Anais?.
Anais did not wait any longer, she made a spell against Felisa. Manolo advanced slowly towards Anais. This  made her become even more furious and make another spell but this time it went to Manolo, and made him fall to the ground. Felisa was very frightened. Anais knew that now Manolo was on the floor she could  kill Felisa.
– Sun’t priete’n! – Anais shouted his spell.
Felisa was badly injured. She was coming to her last moments and not breathing properly. When she was just dying she said: – This was a brand new day, and the last new day ever.

click here to read the whole story

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