Posted by: uzumakinaru | 05/06/2009

A Brand New Day 29

Meanwhile, Anais was writing in her diary the events of the previous days. In the same measure that Anais was writing, she was thinking and in this way she came to the conclusion that Felisa was the one to blame for everything that had happened. A great hatred grew inside Anais towards Felisa, giving her a great force. Suddenly Anais got up from the bed where she was writing, looking around it. That one was a small cell of prison, with a window of thick bars and an iron door. Anais raised her hand, pointed at the wall where the window was and launched a powerful charm that destroyed the wall leaving a great curtain of powder. Anais crossed the curtain of powder and went out screaming: “Felisa, I swear that I am going to take the revenge against you!!!

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