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A Brand New Day

The sun was slowly going up behind the mountains she could see from her room. It was a Monday and we had to arrive early to school because there was an exam of magic and we had to be punctual.

We are now finalizing the theoretical course. Within a month there will be a practical examination of how to convert a frog into a crocodile . Ah! This is a school for wizards and the adventure begins now. [by daanbu]


My name is Felisa and my best friend is Manolo. I feel very well with him because he is a fabulous magician. I will not deny it, I like him but I’m not sure. When we finish the course we’ll go on holiday to the moon and I think then I’ll propose to him. Still I think about all the spells because failure could change the state of the ground … [by galileagalile]

I live in a magic school and I can only see my parents once a month because they live far away from here, but tomorrow it is my mum’s birthday so I want to give her my present. I wish she likes it.

I feel at home here because I love magic and I made a lot of new friends like Manolo, who is a fantastic person. Mary is one of my teachers and I think she is the best. She has a son, Robert, who lives in the school too. He is older than me, but I have never talked to him because I am too shy. I hope that some day I can meet him because he is one of the best magicians in the world, so his mum is very pleased with him. In the future I would like to be a good magician like him and teach other children. [by cristinarg]

I love teaching litlle boys so I think it would be a great idea to create a magic school for little boys in the future. If I had courage I would talk to Robert. I really adore him. He´s really good as a magician. It would be wonderful to work with him hand by hand. But, I´m a bit of a coward. I think I´ll never be able to talk to him. That´s terrible. I feel bad. [411veronica]

Azucena, my room mate, is more daring and told me that before, let’s say, six weeks before the end of the course, she’ll ask Robert for help with his mother’s exam. They say he is very nice with the people who want to learn, Manolo and I will try to get a 6 in that exam with the help of Roque, he’s getting on very well this year with magic powders. [by galileagalile]

Every year we all go on a trip for 34 days. This year we will go to a floating island that we have 2 kilometers away from our great big peninsula. Sure we will all have a very good time after these 2 days in vain. What happened this weekend? [by galileagalile]

I can see the sun! It’s saturday! Today we start the trip! oh, god! I’m very tired! Today I think I´ll be all day with Manolo and Robert, if the most stupid girl, Anais, is not annoying us. Anais is the perfect and adorable girl. She is a year older than me, but sillier! I hate her!

Yesterday she came to my room asking me questions about Manolo. She loves Manolo. Me too, but she doesn’t know. The good thing about it is that Manolo hates her, because when we talk about her, he says:

-Anais is idiot, she’s stupid, she’s like a donkey with blond hair.

It is quiet but we are leaving. [by gigilita]

After three hours travelling by flyboat, we arrived at our destination. Anais came very sinuously to enjoy with Manolo but he didn´t like it.

Teachers guided us to the hotel, there we said our spells to put away the clothes in the wardrobe in the bedrooms.

Then we went for walk by the suspension bridge that would lead us to The Third Dimension where there is a fabulous theme park but one of the bridge´s strings broke. [by atenea17]

We tried asking for help but nobody heard us, so we had no choice but waiting… [by ahiny]

Suddenly, we fell to the purple lake.

When we were all thinking of our death a white dolphin rescued us and brought us to a beach, a magician there told us how to get to the third dimension but on one condition: we had to find a green flower on the beach.

We searched all night and couldn’t find it, we were desesperate. We were tired and we slept on the beach. We woke up and we began to look for it again. [by alexbas]

After of a lot of hours looking for it, Anais saw the green flower on the mountain. She ran to the flower, but slipped on a stone and fell down. Her body remained hanging between two stones. When she was nearly falling to the purple lake Manolo arrived and saved her. [by nave93]

After this event,they climbed to the mountain and took the green flower that Anais had seen. It was the flower that they searched. Felisa and her friends saw that next to the flower there was a key. They thought this key could the key that would lead to the 3rd dimension where they wanted to return. Later, they went to the magician and gave him the green flower. They checked that their thinking was true. [by cristinaar]

When I saw how Manolo saved Anais I felt envy, I realized I really love him. But now it’s too late because Anais is his girlfriend. After she fell down she kissed him and asked him out. These days they’re always together and she seems to be very happy with him, but he is not so well. Anais is always speaking about him with me and I hate her now, but she thinks we’re very good friends. Yesterday they had an argument and I felt happy when I thought that perhaps they were going to split up but they made up an hour ago, so I’m now very sad because I can’t tell Manolo I love him. [by antianm]

I wrote a letter for Manolo telling my feelings about him, but Anais found the letter and she changed it and tried to convince Manolo that I hated him. When Manolo came to talk to me he was very angry and he asked me why I hated him. I didn’t understand anything. But then, when I saw the letter, I could see that the letter was totally changed and I realized than somebody had changed it. [by sandryta]

I thought about the things I learnt in the last potion class. The teacher told us how to make transformation potions, that is, with a special drink you can transform yourself into an animal, with the potion I made you can transform any person into a pig.

At dinner time I showed my potion to Manolo and when we went to get the dinner plates Anais, who was thirsty, unintentionally drank my potion!… and she transformed into a pig! All my classmates said laughing: PIG, PIG, PIIG! and Anais-pig went out running… so Manolo and I put away the dishes and ran after her… but unfortunately she was lost in the forest. [by adrianavila]

Felisa was helping Manolo find Anais, who had escaped through the wood when she was transformed in a pig. Suddenly, Felisa called out to him:

-Manolo…we have to talk.

-Wait until we find Anais –answered Manolo very stressed.

Felisa felt very sad because she couldn’t waste that moment. She tried it again but Manolo answered her grumpily. Felisa stopped stressing and then she saw Anais rightward, well, she saw the Anais-pig. She bewitched her so that Manolo couldn’t find her because Anais’s noises couldn’t be heard by Manolo. Then they arrived at the school and told the teacher about the problem, so she went to the wood to find Anais. [by inglor]

Felisa had to do lots of things so that Manolo did not find Anais. Felisa gave the pig a fright so that it left and they did not discover it, then she took it deep into the forest and lost sight of it.

When they went out in search of Anais, they found her eating next to a tree… The teacher was a little scared, because she couldn’t believe that this was true. While the teacher was next to Anais, Felisa tried to speak to Manolo again, but it was not possible and she felt sick. After a while, they left the forest and they started to walk to the school. They arrived at the school and all the pupils understood that the animal was not a pig but one of their mates who had been enchanted. [by taaniiaa]

When the teacher converted Anais in a girl again she said Felisa was the one who had turned her into a pig. Felisa was punished and locked in a cabin in the forest for two days. She was very upset, she really hated Anais and she thought Manolo would never know the truth. Suddenly, she heard a noise, somebody opened the door: it was Manolo! Both run out in the forest, Manolo had a paper in his hand, it looked like the real letter she had written to Manolo, but she wasn’t sure. [by airamaria93]

Felisa began to cry and said that she loved her Manolo, Manolo was surprised at her crying and dropped the letter, grabbed Felisa and kissed her.
She told him what she felt, Felisa was pleased with Manolo. He broke the letter and said Anais was a bad girl. Manolo ended up at the cabin where  you take the punishment.
When Anais discovered that her boyfriend had found the letter, she ran to the cabin. She had a transformation potion in her hand, she was very angry. [by chainmola]

Anais threw the potion next to Manolo. A vapour came from the broken bottle and transformed Manolo into a stone statue. Then Anais ran away. When Felisa arrived to the cabin and saw Manolo, she started to cry asking for help. Robert heard her and ran towards the cabin.

‘What happened?’, asked Robert.

Felisa told him someone had transformed Manolo into a statue and he went to the school and asked for help. A few minutes later several teachers arrived to that place.

‘What have you done, Felisa?’, said the botany teacher. [by pedrochosco]

Meanwhile, after throwing the potion on Manolo and turning him into stone and leaving him in the cabin, Anais ran to school and entered through the back door so no one could see her, scared as she was by what she had done. [by pinky2701]

She was very surprised with Manolo’s reaction when she arrived at the cabin. Manolo had started screaming and asking why she had changed Felisa’s letter. [by frresita]

Anais remembered how she had tried to explain to Manolo that she had changed the letter because she didn´t like that Felisa kissed her boyfriend. Felisa had said that Anais had changed it because she was a bad girl, and she had replied that the bad girl was Felisa because she wanted to take her boyfriend away from her. [by laura15lft]

Felisa went to the potion class and made an antidote for the stone converter potion. Felisa went to the cabin and found Manolo statue, then she threw the antidote, this touched the statue and broke Manuel. He became a human again. Manuel and Felisa went to the forest, on their way they found Anais. Felisa made a spell and the plants near Anais started to rise. These plants took her wand and hit her. Without her wand she could´t do any spells. She decided to escape. Hours later the teachers found Anais and judged her. Anais lost all her magic and powers and went to a prison. [by nightrhodes]

Manolo still did not understand what had happened, he did not understand how Anais could have done that. Manolo was angry with her. [by daniraso]

Anais was still in love with Manolo. While she was in prison she started writing a diary. [violetaalvarez]

Manolo started thinking about it and wanted Felisa to be his girlfriend. Manolo now thought differently about a Anais and thought that the relationship between him and Felisa  was  serious and possible. Manolo kept thinking for a moment, after a while he began to look for Felisa to talk to her. When he went out to meet Felisa he found a four leaf clover on the floor and thought “Now I will be lucky”. [by inglor]

When Manolo found the clover he thought he was going to be more lucky. When he found Felisa, he told her everything he felt for her. She told him she thought Manolo felt all that for Anais. She told him that with all the bad news she had been thinking of leaving the place… but if he showed that he really wanted to be with her she could think about staying. [by urchipeblan]

Meanwhile, Anais was writing in her diary the events of the previous days. In the same measure that Anais was writing, she was thinking and in this way she came to the conclusion that Felisa was the one to blame for everything that had happened. A great hatred grew inside Anais towards Felisa, giving her a great force. Suddenly Anais got up from the bed where she was writing, looking around it. That one was a small cell of prison, with a window of thick bars and an iron door. Anais raised her hand, pointed at the wall where the window was and launched a powerful charm that destroyed the wall leaving a great curtain of powder. Anais crossed the curtain of powder and went out screaming: “Felisa, I swear that I am going to take the revenge against you!!! [by uzumakinaru]

Anais came up to where Felisa was and started to speak to her saying that she had seen everything Felisa was doing, but that she would not get what she wanted. [by ahiny]

In the morning, Anais was really angry and wanted revenge on Felisa, she was out of jail for her revenge. Anais took out his wand and pointed to Felisa. Felisa was afraid to act seeing Anais in that fashion.
– What are you doing? – Asked Felisa really worried.
– This is my revenge – Anais replied furiously.
Felisa was really afraid when she heard her words.
Manolo came running and said: What are you doing Anais?.
Anais did not wait any longer, she made a spell against Felisa. Manolo advanced slowly towards Anais. This  made her become even more furious and make another spell but this time it went to Manolo, and made him fall to the ground. Felisa was very frightened. Anais knew that now Manolo was on the floor she could  kill Felisa.
– Sun’t priete’n! – Anais shouted his spell.
Felisa was badly injured. She was coming to her last moments and not breathing properly. When she was just dying she said: – This was a brand new day, and the last new day ever. [by inglor]


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